The wisdom in these pages is not what I would call “mainstream.” We’re not going to prescribe yet another diet and exercise plan.
Actually, we’re going to do something better: We’re going to help you empower yourself so you can literally attract everything you desire, rather than struggling and striving and working so hard all the time. We’re going to help you release self- judgment and stifle your inner critic—that voice in your head that’s always telling you you’re not smart enough, not successful enough, or otherwise not good enough. Our intention with this magazine is to help you let go of more and more stuff that doesn’t feel good and shift into a better-feeling state. To support you in making this powerful shift, we’ve assembled wisdom from well-known and wise teachers, along with inspiring Real-Life Success Stories.

I am so glad you’ve joined us for this rich and rewarding ride, and I wish you great joy on your journey! We want to experience that delicious sensation of love flowing through us—toward a child, a pet, a lover. So, if you feel angry, you’re going to attract more things to feel angry about, and you’re going to find yourself surrounded by angry people. This second issue of Law of Attraction Magazine is absolutely filled with articles, insights, practices, and techniques that can help you get anything you want.
And we’re certainly not going to teach you how to make your spouse or child or boss behave in a way that pleases you.

As you’ll see, it’s about recognizing and feeling whatever you feel, then choosing—consciously and deliberately—to change your mind, so you can feel and be different in the world.
You’ll learn how to transform your home into an uplifting, success-attracting space, and how to bring the delicious energy of orgasm into everyday life. We may get hurt or angry or disappointed; we often discover that people don’t live up to our expectations.

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