This presentation was given by Atlantic Media Strategies at ComNet15, The Communications Network’s 2015 annual conference. The explosive growth of mobile and social platforms has transformed how we find, read, and share. For brands, it’s not enough to put stories or research “out there” and expect an audience to assemble. Applying lessons from Atlantic Media’s award-winning properties (The Atlantic, Quartz, CityLab, National Journal, Government Executive) and the wider web, Jean Ellen Cowgill discusses the art of planning, crafting and promoting stories to capture and keep the attention of modern audiences. If you’d like to learn more from Atlantic Media Strategies, check out our webinar replay, Lessons from The Atlantic: Bridging the Curiosity Gap.
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Central to the development of Qigong and Taoism in pre-historical times is the mythical figure known as The Yellow Emperor (Huang Ti, Huangdi) circa 2700 BC. It is thought that Huang Ti practiced a form of exercise called Tao Yin (Dao-In, Tao-In, Do-In), which involved breathing exercises and movements to stimulate and guide the Qi (Chi).
See the CBS WUSA TV 9  interview with Keith Hall, Andrea Roane, and Jeff Besougloff about T’ai Chi for stress reduction and self-mastery here. The short form is an abbreviated form taking about 10 minutes to perform that has become quite popular in our attention deficit oriented culture. I studied briefly one summer in the 70’s at the New York School and enjoyed the form, but their teaching method did not resonate with me. The form that I teach is the Yang School Long Form, one of the most recognizable forms worldwide, which I studied with Yung-ko Chou in the mid 70’s. Professor Chou’s style of teaching was a combination of holding the static positions so students could copy his model, and continuous movement for an experience of flow.
The presentation was part of the pre-conference workshop, The Art of the Social Blockbuster: Building Audience on Today’s Web. To build audience in this environment, organizations must align their content and distribution efforts with the habits and fascinations of the modern reader.
After viewing this presentation, you will walk away with a clear understanding of modern reader mindsets, effective content strategies, and proven tactics for growing audience and engagement.

But the term “audience” can be misleading when it suggests a monolithic group of people who see things the same way — that’s rarely the case. In doing so, it has thrived, and its website has become one of the most-visited sites on the web.
Incorporating their thoughts and voices into your plan from the beginning can make all the difference. Take advantage of opportunities to host meetups, events, and conferences to reinforce virtual ties. It’s important to have a goal in mind and use metrics that are specifically related to what you want to achieve. In prehistoric China, the precursor to Qigong (Chi Kung, Chi Gung) and other Taoist practices was basically shamanistic in nature.
Although there may have been a historical Yellow Emperor, much of his legacy must be considered to be mythos. T’u Na is still practiced widely today in Japan as Do-in, and was introduced in the United States in 1968 by Michio Kushi of “Macrobiotics” fame. I really liked it how you started out “Relax your xxx – that track – I thought it was very effective how you had just your words first and then after a bit the music started, rather than starting with music. It is said to contain 37 unique postures or forms, though this depends on how you count them.
The general Taoist principle is that Yin overcomes Yang, that there is power through yielding, and strength through softness. When I studied with Master Huang, there was very little emphasis on the details of the form.
Peter that one day as he was walking down the street, he noticed, about a block ahead of him, a large group of big, burly, mean looking members of a motorcycle gang that had been terrorizing the town.
In northern China and Mongolia shamans studied nature in order to enhance their basic survival. He is credited with such super human feats such as single-handedly raising China (or at least the primitive people of the Huang He River valley) from stone age barbarism to a civilized society, the invention of agriculture, herbology, astronomy, the wheel, acupuncture, and more. The breathing guidelines of Tao Yin are said to be based on the principles of Yin and Yang, and the 5 Elements (Wu Hsing). The form is a relatively recent (1946) version of the Yang style invented by Cheng Man-ch’ing AKA Zheng Manqing who was born in Zhejiang Province.
While one could readily access the anality of this method, flow was virtually absent from this practice. In both Taijiquan and the philosophy of the I Ching (Yi Jing), this simple statement has a multitude of subtleties.
Chungliang seemed to be interested in giving his new students an experience of the flow of Tai Ji, so he didn’t do corrections, which can obviously interrupt the flow.

They observed that when the energies of Earth and Heaven were in balance, things were good.
He is said to be the author of the classic text known as “The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine”, also known as “The Yellow Emperor’s Inner Jing” or “Huangdi Neijing,” although modern scholars feel that this work is probably a compilation created at a much later date. In its martial aspect, this is often taken to refer to the ability of the practitioner to become yin. There are thirty-some independent forms (depending on how you count them) so there is repetition of forms to bring the number up to 84. My personal style of teaching, though slightly different, mimics Professor Chou’s in this regard.
As the little old lady made her way past a particularly nasty looking gang member, he pushed her to the ground, grabbed her purse, and gave her a kick. Smith how very brave he was to have confronted the entire motorcycle gang in an effort to help the little old lady. Their perception of floods, blizzards, droughts and earthquakes was that they were caused by a temporary imbalance in the Earthly and Heavenly energies. The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine contains the first account of the idea of Qi (Chi) or life force known to be written. I believe that students should have an experience of the flowing nature of this Daoist practice while also learning the details so they can have a standardized, repeatable form to practice with on their own. Close observation revealed that humans could reflect the relative balance of natural forces within themselves, thus affecting their mental, emotional, and physical health. Peter that he was sure he was in the right place because he had done many good things in his life.
Later this led to the development of the theories of Taoism (Daoism) and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).
Even more miraculously, the Yellow Emperor was said to have entertained a harem of 1,200 women.
Could you please tell me which would be better to do, the short form or the long form ~ and maybe why if you have the time.
Like T’ai Chi, it is thought that the original qigong-like dance movements were developed by mimicking the movements of animals. Smith pushed the gang member aside, helped the old lady up, and shouted at the gang members that they were never to do such a thing again and if they ever did they would have to deal with him personally again.

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