Learn how to use the Law of Attraction deliberately, and understand the powerful connection to Meditation, with Pragito Dove’s 3-Step Deliberate Attraction program. Pragito Dove is a meditation expert, international speaker and author of the bestselling book, Laughter, Tears, Silence.  She lives in beautiful San Francisco Bay Area, USA. You’ve probably heard of the law of the attraction and maybe even watched the movie The Secret. I first came across the law of attraction while working with Bob Proctor as one of his UK facilitators. Although The Secret didn’t present anything new, it did bring the law of attraction into the mainstream. It also presented the idea that to activate the law of attraction in your life all you need to do is think positive, visualize what you want repeatedly and whatever you desire will manifest. It’s a bit like having a virus on your computer and trying to run the latest software on it.
So if you want to manifest big things in your business in 2014 and make things happen you need to understand how the law of attraction really works and how to harness it in your life.
Your success in using the law of attraction comes down to how you think and feel most of the time.
Like a human broadcasting station, you are constantly putting your intentions out into the world with your thoughts. No matter how much you believe in positive thinking or how hard you work, challenges are an inevitable part of the journey. It’s therefore very easy to start worrying, begin doubting yourself or let your focus drift. The trouble is if you’re worrying about your future, your finances, your relationships, your business or your health, and imagining all the terrible things that could go wrong, then guess what? The good news is that you can gain control of your thoughts and choose where to direct your attention.
Instead of letting things happen randomly, you can start to consciously create the life you truly want.
Most people just don’t know how to train themselves to think in a way that supports them and helps them achieve their goals. In the recording, Sanjib explains how our mind works, and how meditation can help you find your passion or purpose in life, become more productive and be happier, more confident and more successful than ever before. The recording is an hour long but I strongly recommend you listen to it because it will provide you with some simple strategies for mastering your mind and your life. I really wanted you to hear this before the New Year so I hope you can overlook the glitches and see the value.

Remember the price is going up soon so grab your copy of Soul Power Meditation while it’s on offer. I’m sure you have heard about the law of attraction but perhaps you are struggling to manifest what you really want in your life. Despite what The Secret says, each of us has arrived at this point in history with a unique set of experiences, thoughts and beliefs. To really harness the law of attraction and achieve all your goals, you need to change the way you think, feel and act most of the time. Meditation can help you fast-track this process by helping you become more positive, focused and solution-oriented. By channeling your thoughts with purpose towards what you want, you start moving towards your goals and they in turn start to move towards you.
I agree that channeling your mind with faith in one direction without a shade of doubt is the way ahead. Get mindset & marketing tips direct to your inbox to help you grow your business online.
Affirmations, as you probably already know, are short positive statements, set in the present tense, that help you achieve goals.
The imagination was referred to as the “workshop of the mind” in Napoleon Hill’s famous book, Think and Grow Rich.
When it comes to manifesting something using the Law of Attraction, nothing is more powerful than your own unique creative imagination. Affirmations can help you think more positively and they help you regulate your thoughts and align with your intentions. Categories for affirmations are limitless, but these listed below are some of the most popular.
Using these Law of Attraction affirmations as part your daily routine can go a long way to helping you step into a better life.
The fastest, most surefire way to land the life of your dreams: Prosperity, health, love and success are all waiting for you. Free meeting to discuss life from the perspective of law of attraction, learn to meditate, and to offer and receive healing. Join her tools-and-strategy training  teleseminar 3-part series and learn how to apply the Law of Attraction deliberately, and how to use Meditation techniques to assist you in focusing on what you really want.
So by the time The Secret came out in 2006 I was already familiar with personal development and the importance of developing a success mindset.
This means that the law of attraction is always working in your life regardless whether you believe in it or even if you’re not aware of it.

It not only rewires your brain for success but meditation is also an incredible way to harness the law of attraction and accomplish all your goals, easily and more effortlessly than you can imagine. We had some problems with the connection on the day so my apologies beforehand for the quality. A lot of people are teaching goal-setting at this time of year but believe me, none of these techniques will work for you if your mindset isn’t right. If you arrive at the page and find the price is different then you have missed out on the special promotion. This means that for some people, manifesting will be fast and easy, for others it will take time. As your inner self expands, your confidence will increase and you will be calmer, more creative and more magnetic than ever before. Affirmations are a declaration of the truth or existence of something and they are meant to reflect the kind of life you desire.  In this article we list some of the best Law of Attraction affirmations categorized by the area of life they are designed to enhance and change. Since the subconscious mind does not know the difference between reality and imagination, affirmations become powerful statements of fact when the subconscious mind hears them. Affirmations can help you work towards your goals in life and they also help spur your imagination.
Many of us don’t use this tool enough in our daily lives, but the reality is that affirmations can help you picture your goals much more clearly. Using the creative imagination you have access to your sixth sense, which is your gateway to your intuition and source of infinite knowledge. When repeating affirmations, it’s very important to infuse some feeling into your statements, because saying affirmations with feeling and with emotion, helps you manifest things much more quickly.
In looking at the best Law of Attraction affirmations, it’s important to choose affirmations that align with your personal goals and values.
Affirmations for expressing gratitude are a great place to start because nothing is more powerful than expressing gratitude and giving thanks.
If you don’t truly believe in what you are saying, the affirmations may not work as well.

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