Johannes Kepler (German physicist, 1571-1630) had developed three laws governing the motion of the five then-known planets. In the Principia, Newton defined the force of gravity in the following way (translated from the Latin):Every particle of matter in the universe attracts every other particle with a force that is directly proportional to the product of the masses of the particles and inversely proportional to the square of the distance between them. The definition of mechanical energy is the combination of kinetic energy and potential energy in a gravitational field. The definition of mechanical energy is the sum of kinetic and potential energies related to a certain mass in a gravitational field. In Modern Physics, mechanical energy is an abstract concept in which energies of a mathematical nature are combined, that connects or relates inertial motion with motion due to the force of gravity. Concept of kinetic mechanical energy as a property of mass due to the tendency to keep its state of movement which implies a higher mass resonance or synchronization with the globine’s vibration. The reason why mechanical energy is constant is conventional and derived from the Principle of Energy Conservation. Thanks to Newton’s theory of gravitation, the orbits of the planets were explained and the principle of equality between inertial and gravitational mass was kept.
Einstein’s Theory of Relativity keeps the principle of equality between inertial and gravitational mass but still does not know what mass is beyond a constant of proportionality.
Therefore, in Einstein’s Theory of Relativity the mechanical energy is higher than in Newton’s Classical Physics, since the kinetic energy of a body in a vertical free fall will be higher because mass increases with velocity. However, according to the observations from the Astronomy, gravitational mass seems to have a different behavior from the inertial mass, and, as an increase in mass with velocity does not alter the gravitational force by unit of mass, Einstein’s General Relativity needs to distort space to adjust the orbits of the planets and their anomalous precession regarding Newton’s Law of Universal Gravitation. An additional problem generated by Einstein’s General Relativity is that, as space distortion follows the same gravitational law of the inverse-squares, the whole gravity becomes a geometrical effect of the mathematical continuum and the intuitive concepts of physical reality blur even more. Since the law governing the gobline elasticity is present in all type of physical relations, mathematical calculations of imaginary models are useful, on many occasions, with physical interpretations quite distant from reality.
For Global Mechanics, mass consists of loops of the material structure of globine or filaments of the reticular structure of Globus.
The Law of Global Gravity provides a second modification or nuance to Newton ’s Second Law, Law of Force or Fundamental Law of Dynamics.

In this case, an increase in the gravitational acceleration, directly proportional to kinetic energy, as observed in the Law of Global Gravity, will be generated.
As a result, the new increase in the force of gravity will generate higher acceleration, higher speed and a higher kinetic energy. In other words, if the kinetic energy is a component of the gravitational acceleration, the gravitational potential energy will also be affected. From another point of view, the increase in the gravitational potential energy is necessary in order to keep the mechanical energy constant.
In short, mechanical energy is higher in the Law of Global Gravity than in Einstein’s Theory of Relativity which, in turn, is higher than in Newton’s Classical Physics.
Both kinetic and gravitational potential energies are studied in the online book called Global Dynamics from the perspective of the mechanisms of movement with the contribution of the Law of Global Gravity. An illustration of Sir Isaac Newton sitting on the ground being hit by an apple falling out of a tree and discovering the law of gravity.
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If so, why did the apple fall to the Earth and not the moon?Along with his Three Laws of Motion, Newton also outlined his law of gravity in the 1687 book Philosophiae naturalis principia mathematica (Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy), which is generally referred to as the Principia. He did not have a theoretical model for the principles governing this movement, but rather achieved them through trial and error over the course of his studies. Concept of kinetic mechanical energy and potential energy, such as properties of mass and structure of gravity.
Definition of potential mechanical energy as a property of a certain mass for being situated in a given point of the reticular structure of matter, globine with radial symmetry or gravitational field. If it is a closed system and only two energy manifestations are considered, the sum of both of them should be constant.
In both cases, mass was a constant of proportionality between the applied force and the resulting acceleration of bodies. Mass increases with the relative speed thanks to the mathematical model used, and due to such increase, it is necessary a higher force at a higher speed in order to generate the same acceleration.

Thus, the principle of equality between inertial and gravitational mass must be understood as equal inertial or gravitational behavior of the physical mass; since, for Global Mechanics, physical reality is unique and does not depend on observers. If Einstein introduced an intrinsic variation of mass with velocity and the corresponding increase in the gravitational attraction, the Law of Global Gravity adds an additional variation in the force of gravitational attraction due to velocity which is different from the one induced by said mass increase, even though both variations are identical in quantitative terms. The anomalous precession of the orbits of the planets can be explained thanks to this modification of Newton’s Law of Universal Gravitation without altering space and time. Or, to put it another way, if the gravitational force increases with motion, the sum of all the momentary forces in the trajectory of the body’s free fall which constitute the gravitational potential energy will be higher as well. In the first case the name of kinetic energy is also used, and, in the second one, potential or gravitational energy.
The acceleration of gravity follows the inverse-squares law as a consequence of the elastic properties of globine. Click on the picture to see an illustration of two particles interacting through gravitational force.In this picture, you will see that, despite their different mass and sizes, they pull on each other with equivalent force. Newton's Three Laws of Motion give us the tools to interpret the motion caused by the force and we see that the particle with less mass (which may or may not be the smaller particle, depending upon their densities) will accelerate more than the other particle. This is why light objects fall to the Earth considerably faster than the Earth falls toward them. At most distances, only objects with very high masses such as planets, stars, galaxies, and black holes have any significant gravity effects.Center of GravityIn an object composed of many particles, every particle interacts with every particle of the other object.
Since we know that forces (including gravity) are vector quantities, we can view these forces as having components in the parallel and perpendicular directions of the two objects.
In some objects, such as spheres of uniform density, the perpendicular components of force will cancel each other out, so we can treat the objects as if they were point particles, concerning ourselves with only the net force between them.The center of gravity of an object (which is generally identical to its center of mass) is useful in these situations. We view gravity, and perform calculations, as if the entire mass of the object were focused at the center of gravity.

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