We were only about one month into the 2013 lawn mowing season when we decided that we had had enough.
After researching how much work it would be to add a new electric motor, and how short the runtime might be, we decided instead to use an old Neuton CE 5 mower with a 24 volt DC battery. The next step was to acquire two old wheelchair motors, which were 24 volt DC motors, to drive the main chassis of the MowBot. The wheels were found at Harbor Freight, and the lug nuts for the wheels lined up nicely with the holes in the wheel hubs so no modifications were needed. The Neuton mower was mounted with some 1-inch aluminum bars that were hung from the chassis sides. After the batteries were installed on the back of the chassis in two appropriately-sized battery boxes, we mounted an electronics box on top which would contain all of the electronics necessary to control the MowBot.
In the electronics box, we used a Sabertooth dual 25 amp motor driver (2×25) from Dimension Engineering to connect to the receiver from the remote control, the batteries, and the motors. Although many of the devices had heat sinks attached, we didn’t expect them to heat up much in the electronics box.

Oh and instead of buying a picoswitch, there’s an instructable for hacking a normal servo motor into a picoswitch, for when you add your lights! Your use of this website constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of our Terms & Conditions. To choose the best lawn mower blade, begin by determining what size blade the machine requires.
Most manufacturers of this equipment sell replacement blades to fit each type of mower specifically. Lawn mowers are generally available in one of three styles: push mowers, self-propelled mowers, or riding mowers.
A push mower is typically electric or gasoline-powered and must be steered and pushed manually.
Riding mowers, through two or more blades, can cut a path up to 72 inches (182.9 centimeters) or more. Unless you totally know what you are doing, consult a professional when it comes to both choosing and installing a new mower blade.

Before digging too much into that, you should probably check and see if your mower is still in warranty and what actions could violate that warranty. Are you planning some sort of sensor fusion to get the inputs to keep the unit driving relatively straight lines? That is something to check on for sure. But if someone is looking for a new mower blade, there's a very good chance that the thing was out of warranty, anyway. We have our own shop with all of the tools on-sight to get your job done the right way in the fastest time possible.
It was not the one recommended by the manufacturer and was not installed by a mechanic approved by the manufacturer. Everything is going fine with your mower and its fancy new blade, then something in the engine breaks. Because you changed he mower blade and didn't follow the manufacturers recommendations for purchasing a blade or having it installed by an approved mechanic, will the warranty cover the damaged mower? If the label is hard to find, difficult to read, or in some rare cases does not include the size lawn mower blade needed, simply measure the blade with a tape measure, or other tool, to determine the length manually.

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