Anchored by two ultra-luxurious resorts, the Whitsunday Islands feature Australian hospitality at its finest.
Subscribe to our newsletter for the ultimate people, parties and places that define California's style. At the San Francisco Courthouse, Stephanie Barlage and Jim Marver carry out a perfectly civilized union. San Francisco arts philanthropist Stephanie Marver has worn glamorous party dresses from Giambattista Valli’s couture collections since 2011 when the French designer presented a fashion show fundraiser for the San Francisco Ballet. In April (after one and a half years of dating), she accepted a romantic on-bended-knee proposal from Jim Marver, co?founder of a leading San Francisco venture capital firm. The intimate spring ceremony attended by a few close family members was conducted by Mayor Ed Lee in his chambers at the Baroque-style S.F.
STEEPED in CULTURAL TRADITION, Parisa Jassim and Ike Chidi wed along the DANA POINT COASTLINE.
Francesca Fay and Charles Darling set an Italian feast on the grounds of a lush Hillsborough property.
More than two decades after their first meeting, Anna Getty and Scott Oster start their forever atop the cliffs of Big Sur. Best friends since college, Sarah Tolboe and Marla Weintraub launched Park & Grove to create events that not only fit their clients’ aesthetics but also their lifestyles. Westside seafood staple The Albright restaurant is going mobile with its fresh fare, thanks to the Fisherman’s Raw Bar.

The case for a nontoxic, anti-Vegas bachelorette is especially convincing when the girlish sojourn occurs in close proximity to the wedding.
For Janet Ryvin and Jane Friedman, a generations-old recipe for meringues led to a perfectly modern pursuit. Creative Golden State filmmakers go beyond the handheld cam to capture today’s nuptials. The C Weddings online guide to bridal-focus hair, makeup, grooming and fitness experts from around the Golden State. California designers bloom with ideas when it comes to floral arrangements, bouquets and tablescapes. Behind the lens, California’s talented crop of wedding photographers are ready to preserve memories. From beach to vineyard, create a fantasy setting with the best in linens, seating, tents and more. The best stationers and calligraphers in California offer something so write for any invitation suite.
A modern trousseau for the California bride begins with the finest designers and dedicated ateliers.
With the recent launch of Registry by March, Sam Hamilton’s revered culinary emporium on Sacramento Street has become the ultimate destination for design-minded couples.
Cult organic meal-delivery service Sakara Life gets Los Angeles bridal parties ready for the big day.

Portland’s Coryna Sorin and Mario Turza return to California for a High Desert celebration. After a decade-long romance, Jon Brockett and Jason Martin make it official in Malibu with a nod to their Dixie roots. A pristine mountain meadow proves to be the ultimate venue for Keri Nielsen and George Rhodes. Inside an exotic Venice compound, Cayley Lambur and Kyle Blasman take their first steps as husband and wife. For brides-to-be with a targeted beauty mission, three experts divulge their secret formulas.
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