So you will follow this band of merry artistic adventurers for this premiere to explore yet another of Pittsburgh’s burgeoning urban frontiers, Uptown. As it meandered along an often fascinating path, it pulled in a wealth of ideas both old and new to Attack followers. Also known as the Bluff, it touches the Lower Hill, then moves along Fifth Avenue to include Consol Energy Center, Duquesne University, Mercy Hospital and the outer reaches of Oakland.
A panoramic visual sweep from the elevated audience seating area includes artfully stacked folding chairs (thanks to Mr. Actually, the company has used scientific principles for years, including the inclined plane and rotating seesaw brought back here.

Attack’s choreographic inspiration and current obsession, the Hoverboard, adds its own touch to the production with a current of choreography, particularly in a lovely ensemble section where the five dancers weave in and out with semi-circular patterns. But by the end, it was apparent that this combination of scientific discipline and heartfelt human sentiments not only magnetically attracted, but was attractive on its own terms. Simon), a portable table of old-fashioned typewriters, a cargo net along the back with some ladders and a bull rope hanging from an elevated room. Jackson 1753 - Pierre Victurnien Vergniaud 1884 - Phyllis Bottome Deaths 1962 - Henry F. Ashurst 2004 - Robert Quine 2000 - John Coolidge 1981 - Barbara Ward 1970 - Terry Sawchuk Share with your friends Quote of the day Man needs his difficulties because they are necessary to enjoy success.

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