1-888-878-LEAD ~ 240 Woodland Ave ~ Columbus, OH 43203 ~ ©Copyright 1998 - 2011 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. There is a cost to learning Agile and Scrum by trial and error or simply reading a book, and many other courses focus almost entirely on What and Why with little coverage of actual HOW-TO techniques.
You will learn real world creative techniques for estimating, story identification and prioritization that our real world practitioners use on their projects! You walk away with valuable course material, handouts, resources and cheat sheets that will support you on your projects. An agile project manager emphasizes facilitation, leadership, and communication over traditional command-and-control activities. You will also leave understanding the underlying principles, basic practices and common techniques ScrumMasters (and others – see Who Should Attend tab to the right of this course description) need to know to help their teams achieve project success in a fast-changing world. This workshop covers all of the basics of Scrum as well as a significant amount of material devoted specifically to the skills necessary to become an excellent ScrumMaster. Additional topics covered during the workshop include: leadership and being a change agent. No Boredom: Fewer than 50 PowerPoint slides are used during the two days (and most of those are a picture and a few words!). Learn By Doing: There are approximately 20 different exercises and simulations used during the workshop.
High Knowledge Retention: Using accelerated learning techniques, the workshop material is presented in ways designed to maximize learning AND retention. WHYs before HOWs: This workshop explores the principles and values which drive success before getting into successful practices – which allows attendees to understand the practices at a much deeper level. Fun: Every part of the course is designed to keep attendees engaged and having fun while learning the material.
Upon completing the course attendees will receive an email instructing them to set up a profile on the Scrum Alliance website and optionally take a short CSM exam. Many Agile teams learn how to plan at the Release, Iteration and Daily levels well but get stuck when it comes to planning a Release across multiple teams.
Real World and highly engaging workshop that uses YOUR own backlog and program as an example throughout the workshops.
This TeamHealth workshop is a powerful deep-dive strategic retrospective that  focuses on the top areas that affect team performance and health. The real value from this workshop is the open and honest conversations we facilitate to help the team get past any current roadblocks and develop a clear plan of action for getting their performance and health to the next level.
Repeat this strategic retrospective each quarter and see your team’s performance and health surge to the next level! This course takes a deeper dive into the topic of Agile Estimating and Planning at the Release level and at a Program (multi-team) level.
This course introduces participants to the 6 levels of planning (Strategic, Portfolio, Roadmap, Release, Iteration, Daily). This course assumes you have basic Agile knowledge and experience and have attended foundation courses such as Real World Agile for Teams or similar courses. For private courses, we use YOUR own company initiatives as our sample through all the exercises. Get our unique Agile Planning Jump Start toolkit that includes: Levels of Agile Planning, Agile Planning Cheat Sheet, Business Value Points Cheat Sheet, Sizing Epics Cheat Sheet, our famous Agile Team Workbook. You walk away with valuable course material, handouts, resources and cheat sheets that will support you on your projects. This is a deep dive course that takes you into some more advanced topics of how to take your ScrumMaster skills to the next level.
For private courses, we can discuss YOUR company projects and develop practical action items for improvements.

You walk away with valuable course material, handouts, resources and cheat sheets including our Agile Coaching cheatsheet that will support you on your projects. Organizations are increasingly moving towards finding ways to cut waste and optimize their processes. You will receive our most valuable “Value Stream Mapping Cheat Sheet”and “Kanban Cheat Sheet” handouts! Working to empower and serve the people you lead is the main concept behind Servant Leadership.
You will leave the course with Action Items you commit to doing to apply your new skills at your organization. Did you know that many judge your effectiveness and leadership skills by how well you run your meetings?
Learn the most effective “Listening” and “Questioning” techniques used to control the meeting process and attendees. Learn the most effective “Thinklets” used for gathering and processing information in a small or large group setting. You will receive our colored “Thinklet” cards that will guide you step-by-step on when, why and how to use the information gathering techniques you will learn! This is one of the most unique, effective and results-driven courses you can take your team through! We provide an overview of why Servant Leadership and foundation traits of Trust, Unconditional Positive Regard, Not Telling Ourselves Stories, Being Authentic, Genuinely Listening, Seeking Common Ground and many others contribute to high performance. Lists of short and long term (for Leadership) process improvement recommendations to help transform the team’s internal processes. But our most important output is to see an improvement in team dynamics, feel an energized sense of purpose and have the team contribute towards improving their own processes. This course addresses the business questions related to Agile such as: What is the business value of using Agile for me and why should I collaborate with IT this way?
You will learn real world best practices and case studies for how others played this role successfully on their projects! You will learn creative and effective requirements gathering techniques that will make look like a PRO!
This course is designed to spend 25% of the time on “What” and “Why” behind Agile and Scrum and 75% on “HOW” you can actually start using it with your team tomorrow! Our instructor shares how small, medium and Fortune 500 companies have applied Agile in real world projects along with many Tips, Tricks and Best Practices! In the Scrum framework, this role is called “ScrumMaster” as a constant reminder of the differences between agile and traditional project management. Upon completion of those items, a participant will be recognized as a Certified Scrum Master (CSM) by the Scrum Alliance.
Agile Program Planning and Management refers to the practices and activities that need to occur for a Program with deliverables that span several teams (possibly distributed) to plan and manage their backlog. Our expert  facilitates the completion of our unique 360 TeamHealth Radar covering the 5 key dimensions of a healthy Agile team (Clarity, Performance, Leadership, Culture, Foundation). Participants start by brainstorming many of the real world daily challenges they face as ScrumMasters then we discuss practical ways to address them. More and more companies are adopting Lean and Kanban methods as part of their Agile Transformation.Pure continuous flow Kanban systems work very well when your backlog includes minor enhancements and support related items. Challenging them to go farther, reach higher, innovate and have fun doing it requires leadership skills that are beyond the traditional “Command and Control” style of management.
The key to a successful group session is having an effective facilitator who can organize the meeting, control it and skillfully guide the team towards achieving their goal for the session.
This is not just a training course, it is a unique working session that will help your team understand some critical elements about who they are, what they do, and how they can improve internally and externally with other teams.

Our goal from this course is to address some of these real world issues and develop a roadmap for improvement. We walk through many self-reflection exercises (team and individual) to help the team reflect and improve things like What We’re Known For, Our Team Norms, What Value We Produce, Completion Criteria and Our Definition of ‘Done’. This course focuses on how to effectively and efficiently gather user requirements using creative visual modeling and powerful engaging techniques. The ScrumMaster’s role is to maximize the team’s efforts toward its goals while removing the impediments that stand in its way.
This course will dive deeper into this topic with specific focus on forming the Program Leadership team, forming the program backlog and release roadmap, identifying and planning for dependencies and maintaining healthy cross-team communication and impediment visibility. Through this course, you will learn and practice execution of the most critical skills needed for leading by serving first.
You may think ‘I already know how to facilitate and participate in group sessions’ but you will be surprised at the statistics and costs of how many meetings we all attend yet how little of them are actually effective in terms of delivering any real value!
You will learn how to differentiate the levels of requirements, design a simple 4 step process for gathering the right level at the right time.
If you’re interested in learning real world techniques used by dozens of teams then this course is for you! We will address specific challenges related to planning with distributed teams and planning among Agile vs.
The final output is a team Growth Plan with key outcomes the team wants to achieve within the next few months. This course will help you understand how Agile, Scrum and Kanban all fit together to deliver value for your organization! We will take you through practical REAL WORLD SITUATIONS and have you practice being a Servant Leader. The goal of this course is to teach you the most effective facilitation, participation and group collaboration skills that will ensure your group sessions are focused and produce value.
You will learn by practicing how to use fun facilitation activities to gather the “breadth” of user requirements up front and catch the usually ‘missing’ ones. We walk you through an end-to-end lifecycle Agile project journey from Release Planning all the way to Production Release using a sample project or YOUR own. We will cover the key Servant Leadership, Facilitation, and Soft Skills necessary to make this role a success.   This is a must have course for team leaders interested in taking their skills to the next level!
You will come out of this course feeling energized and have a large number of tools and skills you can start to apply immediately to empower your teams. This course covers several advanced facilitation, emotional intelligence and cultural transformation topics that are guaranteed to have an immediate positive effect in the way you work. You will learn how to break down big requirements into small manageable ones and how to dive into the details later. We have designed this course to have extensive workshops and live demos to demonstrate the key skills needed.
You’ll learn a creative business value points method for prioritizing requirements and how to take dependency into consideration..
You will learn about business rules, acceptance tests, process modeling and UI prototyping.
What techniques and real world best practices can I use to motivate and encourage the team?

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