The Chattanooga Girls Leadership Academy will reach a historic milestone this week by holding its first graduation ceremony on Friday.
Founded in 2009, CGLA serves girls in grades six through 12 and was the first single-gender public charter school in Tennessee and the first approved public charter school in Hamilton County. Cleveland State Community College hosted a Welding Boot Camp with Walker Valley and Bradley Central High Schools. Mary Dukes, senior lecturer in digital media studies, has been named the winner of Lee University’s 2016 Excellence in Advising Award.
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Compelling opportunities exist at National Heritage Academies for talented, committed school leaders and principals.  NHA is a system of more than 80 schools serving over 45,000 students in nine states.
If you’re ready to use your leadership skills to make the difference, apply for open principal, dean or assistant principal, and several school leadership positions or register your interest to learn more.
We’re committed to providing a working environment that empowers our leaders and provides the support, resources and development opportunities needed to ensure personal and professional success.
Mission: At National Teachers Academy, we envision building an academic foundation for all students in a safe and supportive environment.

National Teachers Academy is a dynamic community of 21st century scholars striving to become lifelong learners. 100% of 8th graders at NTA that were eligible to take the Selective Enrollment High School Exam registered. CGLA was also the first school in the county to focus its academic program on science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM), a model that has been expanded to integrate the arts throughout the curriculum. The boot camp was held in CSCC's new welding lab that was established in response to industry demand for qualified, educated and skilled welders. Christians refusing to vote for anyone who is not squeaky clean and who doesn't live up to our standards. It is critical that your management team have the relevant skills and motivation to ensure they get the very best from their teams.
Our singular commitment is to eliminate the achievement gap and prepare each student for college opportunity. Learn about our beliefs, professional community and the impact we make directly from NHA educators workings in our schools each day.
Utilizing best practices, NTA faculty and staff will academically prepare and empower students and families to become global thinkers and advocates for self and community.
We are committed to our work as a teacher training academy to prepare dedicated teachers for success in high need communities. Upon completion of the camp, students will have the opportunity to test for their AWS (American Welding Society) Certification.

Using a mix of cutting edge techniques alongside tried and tested management principles, we will ensure your sales leaders and their teams are performing to the highest level. Our employees tell their stories of learning, professional growth, service to students, promotion and challenge. The NTA Way – Respect for Self, Others, the Environment, and Teaching & Learning – is the roadmap to get there. With this at the core of all NTA does, the school's highly dedicated staff continuously strives to challenge students at increasingly ambitious levels through cutting edge technology and by creating opportunities for higher-order thinking, reasoning and critical thinking. Just as surely, NTA students work hard, push themselves to do even better, and develop the grit to achieve great things under any circumstance. Elmo and lived his entire 72 years in this community and my Mom has lived here 60 years of her life. We strive to meet the academic and social-emotional needs of all diverse learners via differentiating instruction across all curricula. We teach our students to build positive and lasting relationships with their peers, parents and staff.

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