The Leadership Academy is a unique program which will take place on December 4-5, 2013 (winter academy) in Luxembourg, and June 18, 2014 (summer academy) in Canach Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. If you want to go somewhere, it is always better if you find someone who has already been there.
Successful business leaders and managers, both men and women, will share their insights into their respective businesses, share their experiences and offer inspiration. The topics covered include self marketing, self confidence, presence, power, empowerment, creativity, vision, focus, motivation factors, emotional intelligence, time and project management, and the participants will learn about how to approach relationships and project management to enhance their visibility and image within their organisation, gain credibility, create and establish your brand as an emerging leader, expand their influence, and create a career path into senior management. You can book half day (75 EUR), 1 day or the full 2 day programme, with or without Inspiring Wo-Men Business Club's End of the Year Gala Dinner. Tier II provides students with the opportunity to develop their individualized leadership styles in the NIU and DeKalb community.

Tier III allows student leaders to formally summarize and reflect on leadership skills they have gained throughout the Leadership Academy.
The Leadership Academy is an intensive two-day seminar for students ages 13-18 in Central Mississippi. Please contact us for more information on the next Leadership Academy or to schedule an academy for your organization.
In the Leadership Academy, students have the opportunity to join organizations, attend workshops, write reflections, present their learnings to others, and much more. At the end of Tier III, students will receive the honor of Leadership Academy Distinguished Leader.
Students who receive the Distinguished Leader honor will be recognized during SILD’s Kevin D.

Knight Leadership Awards Ceremony and will receive a graduation cord to wear during their graduation ceremony (TENTATIVE). To learn more about the monthly Leadership Academy workshop offerings, visit our Leadership Events webpage.

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