Bronx Leadership Academy was founded in 1993 by South Bronx educators, church leaders and parents who wanted a safe, small, community-minded high school with high academic standards. BLA’s strictly enforced dress code calls for a white collared shirt, black dress shoes, and black or navy blue pants or a knee-length skirt. Leadership Prep Ocean Hill Charter School prepares students to succeed in high school, college, and beyond. Leadership Prep Ocean Hill opened in August 2010 to 145 Kindergarten and 1st Grade students. Similar to other schools in the Brooklyn network, Leadership Prep Ocean Hill offers a rigorous, college-preparatory program in a safe and structure environment. We believe that an outstanding education, based on strong mastery of academic skills and knowledge, prepares young people to build positive futures for themselves and become community leaders as adults.
Leadership Prep is based on the practices and approaches of the highest performing urban public schools in the country. Scholars from Leadership Prep Ocean Hill Elementary Academy will have the option of attending Leadership Prep Ocean Hill Middle Academy in 5th Grade and an Uncommon High School in 9th Grade.
BLA keeps those founding ideals in mind as it pushes students toward graduation and beyond in a close-knit setting designed to keep kids on track.

The school accepts about 150 students into 9th grade from roughly 2,000 who list BLA among their top three high school choices. Through academic achievement, our students earn opportunities in life for themselves and their families and prepare to contribute as leaders in their communities. As an elementary school, we teach students the academic skills, knowledge and personal traits necessary to succeed in high school, college, and beyond. A culture of academic excellence, in which all children are expected to read on or above grade level, in which all children are expected to master reasoning abstractly and quantitatively, and in which all children are expected to act in respectful and honorable ways-is key to that development. The school isn’t perfect (about one in four kids don’t graduate), but serious-minded BLA students enjoy a level of attention and support rare in many Bronx schools. Baseball caps are confiscated, and the principal keeps a large collection of contraband caps in his office. As part of BLA’s Educational Option program, half of its students are chosen by the school, based on factors such as middle school attendance (more than 10 or 15 absences or tardies “raises a red flag for us,” Yip said) and whether students have attended a tour.
Blue or black shoes NO SNEAKERSWomen: White Button down shirts, Navy Blue or Black Slacks, Navy blue or black skirts, Blue or black shoes NO SNEAKERSFailure to abide by these rules, you will be sent home.
Through academic achievement, our students prepare to contribute to their communities as leaders.

Leadership Prep is dedicated to providing the outstanding education necessary to develop leaders. Through reliance on the practice and approaches proven to work at successful schools, we will ensure that our students achieve at the highest levels in high school, college, and beyond. Spanish is the only foreign language offered, even though a high percentage of BLA students speak Spanish at home. Our approach is based on the practices proven effective at the highest performing urban public schools in the country. The other half of the incoming class is chosen by the Department of Education, which often gives priority to students who rank BLA as their No.

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