This event is designed to stimulate dialogue about how team members can work together to be more efficient and effective. The challenge of this event is to carry a small ball using a metal ring and rope a€”A  a a€?bull ringa€? a€” through a series of obstacles and place the ball into a goal. Traditionally an icebreaker, this event is designed to get the group interacting and having fun while recognizing the need for good communication, leadership and teamwork. Creativity, group coordination, communication, leadership, perseverance, determination and many other team and personal skills will be put to the test during this activity. Dona€™t Touch Me will challenge the team to think outside the box and challenge the actual and implied rules. The purpose of this exercise is to practice clear communication and learn to trust team members during challenging and confusing times. Traditionally an icebreaker, this event is designed to get the group interacting and having fun. This exercise will bring group members closer together as it involves close physical proximity as well as interdependence among participants. The Learning Maze applies to every area of our lives, and the meaning each group discovers is always different.
The power of each person to influence the success of the team is never clearer than in this activity. The purpose of this exercise is to inspire team membersa€™ ownership and accountability for change. This exercise shows the necessity of each persona€™s role and responsibility in order for the team to succeed. River Crossing requires clear communication as well as the passing of critical information from person to person.
The art of cooperation is something we are taught as children but still have a hard time applying as adults.
The purpose of this exercise is to physically demonstrate the metaphor that every member of a team is an important link in the chain.
The purpose of this exercise is to challenge a teama€™s belief that something is impossible. This simple exercise is designed to help the group practice consensus building and decision making. This exercise explores leadership issues within the team, and the communication difficulties inherent in how groups are structured (in a line). One of the kita€™s best initiatives, this exercise can be used indoors or out and works well early or later in a training session. This activity is designed to help participants experience the different levels of communication. This event demonstrates the effects of competition within groups and the power of collaboration. Leadership Circles are a development opportunity for emerging and experienced student leaders across campus to work as a collective toward a common goal or project related to leadership.

Students, staff, or faculty members are also able to nominate students for this experience.
If you know of a student that would benefit from participating in a Leadership Circle, please nominate them. Participants will recognize the inherent difficulties in some organization structures, such as the typical hierarchy and the chain of command. In the beginning this event is often considered impossible and causes stress for some participants.
In organizations, workers are often considered students and administrators are usually coaches. We also come up against significant barriers, which must be broken through to increase performance.
It provides an opportunity to notice similarities and commonalities, and sets a tone for the rest of the day. Being physically close creates a setting for cohesiveness and teamwork, and helps break down the invisible walls people build around themselves. This team building activity simulates how we make decisions when given time and when we are under time pressure. The maze helps groups identify how the team treats mistakes (beeps) and who discovers when a mistake is made. Participants must overcome frustration and resist the temptation to blame each other in order to accomplish the task.
This is a great opportunity for team members to voice their commitment to change to the rest of the team. The team will also see the benefit of efficience and how each person is a link in the chain.
The focus is on leadership skills and the degree of group participation in the exercise reveal interesting dynamics that allow participants to learn from one another.
This event will show what happens when there are gaps in communication and the resulting frustration will be a source of long dialogue.
The goal here is to have the entire team involved, demonstrate the power of teamwork and show the interdependence teams have.
This event is also a good way to examine individual team membera€™s sense of value and accountability to their team. It is also a great way to explore peoplea€™s willingness to ask for help or give help if it will benefit the whole team. Everyone can participate and it is a great precursor to more complex problem-solving exercises or workshops. While simple on paper, the experience is powerful as the participants move through the levels of communication. Unless groups identify a common goal, they will compete against each other and ultimately fail as a group. Nominees seek to understand ethnic and cultural diversity and challenge themselves to move outside boundaries of comfort.

Students will be contacted after the due date to set up interview times to determine circle assignments in the following weeks.
After this activity the group will be able to identify some of the resistance to change we all share. The power of the lesson learned is gained from pushing past the stress and realizing how important it is for teams to find different ways to look at situations and support each other even when there is no clear path and no one is the expert.
This event will remind all participants what it feels like to be in the other role and should lend insight into how to improve the relationship between the manager and the employee. In this event participants will juggle as many items as fast as possible, without dropping them. The tools it will take to unravel the knot are the same tools the team will need to overcome challenges they will face in work and life. It challenges the group to make a decision and stand by it, understand and accept the decisions of others, and see the whole picture and not just the a€?critical information.a€? Participants identify what is needed to break through limitations, think creatively and focus on the most efficient way to come to a decision.
Stepping into the unknown is necessary for any team to grow and move ahead, and the only question they can answer is how well they ar doing in the process. The activity demonstrates interdependence while highlighting how difficult, but important, reaching consensus can be. The goal of the exercise is to have the entire team involved, demonstrate the power of teamwork and show the interdependence teams have. If the teams all collaborate instead of compete, they will be able to achieve the highest score possible. Unless otherwise indicated, the total time needed for each exercise is approximately 30 to 45 minutes and should not exceed 60 minutes. This activity simulates a working environment where chaos rules, people are going many different directions, and lots of energy and resources are used to keep all the plates spinning.
This is a good event for uncovering team processes and discussing trust and support issues.
It is a fun and powerful event to do near the end of a program when participants are beginning to see the value of their own learning. It has been designed to run on a conference room table or in any small room, and is a great event to start off a meeting in which the group will have to make a decision together or solve a problem. Some find it difficult to be responsible for another persona€™s safety and others find it exhilarating. Participants identify what is needed to break through limitations, think creatively, and focus on the most efficient way to complete tasks. The team members must work through frustrations and differences of opinion to solve this magically difficult event.

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