The YLC's mission is to encourage youth to discover their personal strengths and values in order to become leaders in their personal lives as well as promote change within their community's.
Do the scripture scavenger hunt, make the recipe and then deliver it to a family for a service project. Do the scavenger hunt, make the French toast bake, cut out and prepare the decorations and deliver them with the bake to a family for service. This is accomplished through service learning projects, self esteem building based modules, peer bonding activities and educational planning.

This could take up to 2 activities by the time you cut everything out, do the scavenger hunt and make the French toast bake. I may receive a small commission for items you purchase through those links, at no additional cost to you. It includes helps for young women leaders, like a scheduling template for planning camp and youth conference. You can read them while you are around the table and have a discussion about Easter, the Resurrection and what it means to you!

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