Your ability to develop the qualities of effective leadership, the essence of what it takes to be a leader, is more important to your success as a manager than any other factor. Here we have six great short courses on Leadership and Management that you can do online – to save you time and money.
Health & Safety Professionals CPDContinuous Professional Development - Strategic Leadership.
Without leadership an organisation would lose it's way, chaotic decisions would be made and innovation would stagnate as the organisational vision disappears. All too often smaller organisations fail to take on board the importance of developing their employees specific leadership skills and behaviours, relying instead on "time-served product knowledge" to get them through.

Respected, well trained managers, boost motivation and morale and improve employee retention rates. Take a browse through our Leadership and Business Skills courses and if you dont see anything that ticks all your boxes then please contact us to discuss bespoke packages. Our best selling Transformational Leadership programme is now offered as an open course thoughout the year due to its popular demand for smaller organisations who cannot fill a full group course.
These courses will take you through the key qualities of effective Leadership and management.
It means you can go back to the DVD modules as many times as you like to refresh yourself AND you can play the audio in your car when you are driving, or on your Ipod while you work out – how amazing is that?

All Health and Safety Professionals need to be able to think and communicate strategically to senior management.
Leaders are strong and skillful at implementing change and help to guide teams through times of uncertainty.
Ambitious employees become disengaged as their strengths are not valued, weak leaders fail to challenge under performance, team conflict arises, job role satisfaction fails and evenutally teams fall apart.

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