There were many methods, templates, charts, diagrams, and forms endeavouring to cover all avenues one would encounter in change management.
If employee backlash or unpredictable behaviour edging on chaos arose, just steer them back on track. What does this mean for CE practitioners who might find themselves involved in a change initiative?
We have been playing around with the Cynefin framework by creating model variations and testing resonance with clients.
We’re also putting out the notion that most of the time one wants to be on the Ordered Side where life is stable, predictable, easily fixable, and in steady state mode.
The areas involved  can range from setting boundaries,  execution of appropriate professional behavior, managing moods and tempers, engaging in gossip,  and time management – amongst others.
New managers frequently revert back to performing some of their old responsibilities, rationalizing that they can do it so much better. There is much more to self-management work, but I’d love to hear from you.   What are you experiencing?
Especially in fast paced and high turn-over businesses, such as fast food restaurants, new managers are expected to hit the ground running.
Thankfully it is not all that difficult to identify patterns in the leadership development needs of leaders in new positions.
2.       Time-management – A new position usually comes with new duties and new time parameters. 3.       Communication – These skills are usually not taught, much less monitored for impact on employees.
4.       Team development – It’s tough to show up strongly as a new team leader when you are still insecure in the new role, yet strong team-ability skills will increase productivity levels quickly. There is so much more to say on each of those four subjects, so watch for my next blogs – I will get into more detail on each of them. It is easy to promote someone who does their job well  - but how often do we monitor how well they do with all their new responsibilities, and more importantly, how effective are we at supporting them?
As a linear, sequential type person, I felt like I had hit the jackpot and won the prize at the end of the rainbow. It recognizes that non-human objects (inanimate and living) adhere to logical cause & effect rules.

One such variation advocates the Ordered side is Management and the Unordered side is all about Leadership.
I occasionally do project management work for clients when the subject of change management is discussed.
4 Growth Opportunities for New Managers, -  I named self-management as the #1 growth opportunity for new managers. Susan has stepped into a new position and needs to step into completely new behaviors – no one has prepared her for it. Her husband gets into an accident and  Susan has a hard time managing the stress of worrying, caring for him plus performing in her new position. Discussions what this new role demands from Susan should be arranged with the boss as well as, to a lesser degree with her former peers.
The industry does well in the area of systems and processes training, but often falls short in training for leadership development skills.
I have dealt with numerous leaders at different levels, and I see similar issues emerge as recurring challenges for these managers. This could include gossip,  keeping boundaries, and managing moods and tempers, amongst others. Insecurities within the new leadership position can lead to behavior that is either over assertive or under-assertive – both impact employees negatively. I was taught the who, when, where, why and hows and became a SME – subject matter expert. In this case we are talking about modifying tasks, reallocating resources, issuing change orders. Demonstrating professionalism and the corresponding behaviors are critical to success for young or inexperienced managers – so it helps to train how to self-manage.  Supporting leaders here will show strong impact on performance of the individual and their team. She feels she needs to offload some of the stress by confiding in Jenn and a couple of the other staff members she has known for a while. Transparency around her new duties and accountabilities will make it easier for everyone to adapt to the change in the management team. Disgruntled employees can affect customer satisfaction, employee turn-over, staff morale and reduce productivity. Effective delegation also often does not come easily, at least until the individual is secure in their role execution.

Procrastination of “difficult conversations” leads to poor execution of standardized procedures such as employee reviews etc. All the more reason why I feel small safe-fail experiments are much more tenable than massive change efforts. You know, things that don’t think but just get moved around on a spreadsheet or Gantt chart. Naturally, the topic of issues in the store comes up, and they also talk about fellow employees. How will this new position and the new responsibilities change their behaviors and their accountabilities?
Pretty soon the gossip mill is active and word is getting around that Susan is being very moody and emotional. This is a plugin that allows you to leave a link back to your own site when you leave a comment. The truth is that understanding and stepping into new role competencies is a challenge for most leaders, and smart franchise owners support their new leaders early in the game.
I’d love to hear back – please leave a comment here on the blog or drop us a note at Integra Leadership and tell us what works for you! Founded by Darryl Conner in 1974, ODR held licenses with the major consulting firms from the mid-80s to late 90s.
As leaders, we hope to influence their choosing by giving them positive or negative consequences and acting as models of desired behaviour.
But if I do hear some whining or screaming from project team members, it’s a signal to shift into a Change Leadership role.
Sometimes they laugh, other times they vent their frustrations about other staff in the store. Since Susan has been in the job for a while and has proven herself to be a capable and talented employee, she applies for and is promoted to the position of assistant store manager. This is a plug in that allows you to leave a link back to your own site when you leave a comment!

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