Justice simply means "fairness or equity".In nursing, you must entertain your patients regardless of their status in life.
With all the nursing ethics I have listed above, we now know what to in order for us to deliver a good, effective, and efficient care to our patients. Study Tip from a ResU Grad: When looking at a leadership question and answers, many of the answers are going to be correct, but if you were in the perfect facility, with the perfect staff, and the perfect amount of resources, what would the answer be?
This guide provides additional books, database search suggestions, videos and other resources to help you pass your course with (hopefully!) flying colors!

You should always provide your patient an informed consent in any invasive procedure you do.
It has taught me a lot regarding the diagnoses, interventions, and even the ethics that were being implemented.
Once you have committed into something, you must be brave enough to do what's good and right to your patient.
The Code of Ethics guide you on "what is right" and "what is wrong" or better yet "what is legal" and "what is illegal".

Before you go to duty, better familiarize the list of ethics that were implemented by your national government.

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