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This Level 3 Award in Health and Safety in the Workplace course aims to provide managers and supervisors with a thorough understanding of the health and safety risks and their relevant control measures in the workplace. This online Project Management course is designed to provide learners with a comprehensive introduction to project management so that you can successfully and confidently undertake your own project from start to finish.
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Our approach to management training in the construction and engineering industry is focused on the profile of the people in our industry. Most people in the construction industry have a very strong technical background and have a solid foundation in the skills required for managing projects.
Our leadership development courses are designed to build and strengthen the skills of managers and executives for government, private sector and nonprofit organizations.
Strengthen your management and leadership skills by attending our series of courses delivered by professional, experienced coaches and trainers. Our leadership consultants are experts in the area of leadership, entrepreneurship, management and business organization.

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However, as people progress through their careers, they must rely more heavily on leadership and management skills to be more effective in their expanded roles. Those who have had little or no exposure to the key tools and techniques needed for success or perhaps you need a refresher. These are professionally organized and uniquely created to provide a customized learning experience for organizations in the Middle East. Performing as the main link between management and the staff is both challenging and complex. Economic, technological, social and environmental factors compel organizations o look for ways of increasing productivity, improving quality, maximizing profits and finding new opportunities in a competitive market. FMI has developed an extensive library of training courses that can be combined into a customized curriculum to enhance the business and management performance of managers at all levels within the construction industry.
We do not act rightly because we have virtue or excellence, but we rather have those because we have acted rightly. This course is intended as a general examination of today's management role and will be of benefit to both newly appointed and existing managers seeking to sharpen the key skills and personal qualities.
This course will help you examine the role of a leader, leadership styles, problems faced by leaders, team development needs and the significance of empowerment, delegation and team motivation.

This training course will examine why the role of a supervisor is so important and is designed specially to help delegates understand the skills and responsibilities that go with the first line management.
How quickly and efficiently you handle the new environment can play a key role in organizational stability.
In general, adults have short attention spans, a condition that is compounded by the pressures of the construction industry.
These trainings are usually held as 2-5 day workshops but some of these, on request, can even be compressed into express trainings.
The training must be designed with components to support a stimulating adult learning environment. The team at Rose Training Australia consists of expert trainers that are trained to help students to develop the skills you need to effectively develop work priorities, manage meetings and apply time management techniques. Believe me, the way we deliver it, it’s easier than you think!Online courseThis is a fully supported web based course that allows you to set the pace at which you work. You are given 12 months to finish the Cert IV course, however, we have had many students who have completed this in under a fortnight! At Rose Training Australia we do everything we can to help you shape your future.

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