Camps at Kambrya College offer students experiential learning and the opportunity to collaborate and acquire new skills. We offer various trips to Central Australia, Tasmania, Outdoor Education Camps, Student Leadership Camp, Year 7 Forest Edge and Year 12 Study Camp at Somers.
Camps at Kambrya College are an integral part of the school program and all students are encouraged to actively participate in the camps program. A compulsory camp for Year 7 students, they will have the opportunity to participate in a variety of valuable learning experiences at Forest Edge in Neerim East over a four day period. Our Year 8 students are fortunate to have the opportunity to travel to the Apple Isle a€“ Tasmania. For one week during the year, the city of Melbourne becomes the classroom for all our year 9 students.
The Central Australia 12 day tour is a camping tour of SA and NT with a focus on introducing Year 10 students to the wonders of the Australian Outback.A  The trip aims to cement the bond and team work skills of students, whilst visiting sights such as Uluru, Katu Tjuta, Kings Canyon, Coober Pedy, and Alice Springs. Each year students in year 11 have the opportunity to participate in the Debutante Ball held in June. The Kambrya leadership team is invited to a camp every year at Forest Edge to build on leadership capabilities of individuals and work on whole school aims and objectives.A  The camp is open to any student holding a leadership position across the College. The FSU Marching Band Leadership Camp reaches beyond the basics to build team leaders with comprehensive music and leadership skills. Campers must have attended grades 9-12 in the '15-’16 school year and have one year of high school marching band experience.(Rising 9th graders during summer 2016 are not eligible).
Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced drum majors, section leaders, band captains and others wishing to become part of their marching leadership personnel with at least one year of high school marching band experience. All campers, except drummers, must bring their marching instrument, flag, or rifle to camp. Specific packing information can be found in your handbook, but click here for a quick list of some camp essentials.
Do you need to be picked-up at the airport or bus station?  Read more about our Shuttle Service here.

Wentworth Military Academy and College recently completed two Junior Cadet Leadership Camps (JCLC) at the 134-year old campus located in Lexington. This year, the United States Army Junior Reserve Officer’s Training Corps (JROTC), in cooperation with the City of Lexington and both City and State Parks Departments completed their 5-day camp which was immediately followed by the United States Marine Corps and Air Force JROTC 5-day camp. The two camps brought 474 cadets and 93 instructors and chaperones to the Wentworth campus and the community of Lexington.
The cadets stayed very busy during their stay as they were trained in a variety of areas to include drown proofing, water survival, boating operations, land navigation, rappelling, rope skills, community service, leadership training, and first aid. Major Ed Fiora and First Sargent Tim Dougherty, who both teach JROTC at Wentworth Military Academy, are responsible for all planning and coordination of the JCLC program. Wentworth Military Academy and College is a private co-educational military high school and two-year college. MEDIA: For more information, please contact the Wentworth Military College public relations office at (660) 259-2221.
PHOTO ID: JROTC cadets challenge themselves at Wentworth as they run through the obstacle course on campus. Releases posted prior to March 1, 2012 have gone away, as has your old account registration info.
Press Release Central is Kansas City’s largest community site for press releases announcing news of all kinds: business, entertainment, sports and more. If you are looking for a great camp experience this summer, visit a€?Camp Villanovaa€? on the Villanova University campus!
All of these experiences see students stretch themselves socially, physically and mentally by meeting new people, trying new things such as public speaking on Student Leadership Camp, the high ropes course or flying fox at Forest Edge or challenging learning at Study Camp in Year 12; all whilst getting to experience the great outdoors. All students will have the opportunity to further develop relationships that they have forged with their peers and teachers during the first half of the year. The five-day camp sees students fly to Hobart, staying at various locations throughout the trip.
This event is an outstanding future of college life as students progress through the school.

We provide a unique experience for any student wishing to be involved with their high school marching unit, and have trained many of the finest drum majors and student leaders in the Southeast.
This addition is for flags and rifles only, and will complement the activities of the Leadership Camp by adding instruction in choreography, show routine, and body work in addition to developing leadership skills, communication skills, group dynamics, and more.
If you can not arrive during the designated times due to extenuating circumstances, arrangements must be made in advance with the camp office.
In circumstances where a band director or booster organization would like to pay on behalf of students, please ensure that all of the students have registered for the camp and then call the camp office at 850-644-9934 so that we can assist you. For 9th-12th graders, Wentworth provides an exemplary college-prep education, which builds self-discipline and self-confidence. This camp promotes the development of social skills in a setting that puts learning into context. The tour visits sights in Tasmania, such as Port Arthur convict settlement and ghost tour, Bonorong Wildlife Park, Mt Wellington, and Cataract Gorge.A  The camp finishes up with a visit to the famous Cadbury Factory. Instruction will incorporate all drum major styles with an emphasis on developing leadership skills, and conducting styles and techniques. These Cadre members were responsible for training 331 high school cadets from all over Missouri and neighboring states.
And if you’re hunting for tips or information, just search to find news, names and subjects you might have missed. Campers will work on communication skills, group dynamics, score analysis, block drills and more.

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