Youth Canada is always looking for more programs, competitions, and conferences to complete our database.
Since 1992, Youth Leadership Camps Canada has been helping youth find their wings and soar to new heights. You can also personalize your duffle bag with your full name and Camp House on it for only $2.50! These bags are very popular, many campers purchase these to pack for their YLCC camp Session. WHO: Youth who have completed the 10th, 11th, or 12th grade but not yet started college are eligible to apply. One 4-H Educator or Vocational Agriculture Instructor will be included as a participant in the Camp. WHERE: okPORK Youth Leadership Camp participants will travel to many locations as they learn about the stages of pork production in Oklahoma. As more and more children and young people are living with diabetes, it is vital that the voice of youth be heard and that they play an active role in our mission to promote diabetes care, prevention and a cure worldwide.
The first IDF Europe Youth Leadership Camp was held in July 2011, and has been held every year since. From 13 to 19 July, 23 youth advocates from 23 countries across Europe met in the Netherlands for a week of experience-sharing and peer-to-peer learning.
During the camp, youth advocates learned about different types of advocacy, campaigning activities and strategic planning methods, and will also be introduced to the work of IDF Europe.
One of the outcomes of the 2014 IDF Europe Youth Leadership Camp was the creation of the Diabetes Youth Advocates Europe (DYA Europe) community. The project is led by youth participants from the 2014 camp, who were inspired by all the experiences they shared during the week spent together, and who were also willing to create a platform to continue exchanging information and carry out projects together once the camp was over. The youth camp is not a standalone event, but rather one that is integrated in IDF Europe’s wide-ranging activities – including those specifically aimed at youth.

For the fifth year in a row, International House will be running the Indigenous Youth Leadership Camp (IYLC). Run annually since 2012, Indigenous Youth Leadership Camp (IYLC) provides an opportunity for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander high school students (mentees) who aspire to attend university to experience life in a cross-cultural community by living at IH for four days. Since humble beginnings IYLC has grown to be one of IH’s hallmark leadership development programs.
Since 2012, 80 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander high schools students aged 14 to 18 years have attended IYLC as well as 60 IH residents. 2015 was an incredible year and you can see a video of the Camp below – we are excited to confirm that the camp will be going ahead in 2016. IH acknowledges the Traditional Owners of the lands where IH now stands the Jagera and Turrbal people.
They learn to achieve better results in school, to have more self confidence, to manage their time wisely, and to set and achieve realistic goals.
We're looking for any sort of enrichment opportunity that is open to Canadian high schools ranging from Science Camps to French Essay Competitions.
Camp participants will learn all phases of the industry from breeding sows to selling pork chops. Camp participants will learn all phases of the industry from breeding sows to selling pork. This opportunity will allow Camp participants to see all aspects of the pork industry – from live animal production, processing of hogs, further processing of pork, and retailing pork as well as career opportunities.
Participants will be responsible for transportation to and from Camp and any spending money they wish to bring. Their first-hand experience of diabetes makes them powerful advocates not only to raise awareness on this condition, but also to urge stakeholders and the general public to take action on diabetes. Combining sports activities and interactive workshops, the camp is also an opportunity for the youth advocates to find out about the differences in diabetes care and daily-life realities across Europe, share their strategies on how to cope with diabetes and learn from their day-to-day triumphs and challenges.

Back in their countries, camp participants are inspired and eager to get more involved in raising awareness of diabetes at national level with concrete projects, from creating their own youth group to developing campaigning activities. The purpose is to nurture a new generation of youth advocates and to galvanize their support and knowledge for different advocacy initiatives. Click here to access a few resources from us and our member associations that will assist you in organizing camps. The camp enables Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander High School students to experience university life whilst building capacity, confidence and developing skills to lead change in their communities. During this time they are paired up with current IH residents from all around the world (mentors) for a chance to experience life at IH and at UQ and to invest time in their personal and professional development and therefore their future pathway. An opportunity for local and international IH and UQ students to develop their personal and professional skills as well as a chance for them to have a meaningful impact on creating connections and furthering the advancement of Australia’s local Indigenous population. IYLC is managed and organised by Housies and involves a range of activities which further both the mentees and the mentors personal and professional skills. We're more than willing to provide free publicity for these initiatives, so help out your favourite opportunity and tell us about it! Participants will complete a live animal evaluation and actually harvest and process the hogs they evaluate. Following an initial review of the applications, interviews will be held with the top applicants. During the Camp, issues that affect pork production from outside the farm will be topics of discussion. In addition, their broad network built through social media gives them a wide reach which can support IDF Europe’s outreach.

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