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Founded in 1891, Seattle Pacific University is a leading Christian university that equips people to engage the culture and change the world.
This course is designed to give a full and practical introduction to the craft of preaching. This course will explore the lives, thought, and legacy of John and Charles Wesley and consider the historical and social background that led to the revival of 18th century England. There are many ONLINE, CORRESPONDENCE and ON-SITE classes offered through FMC-USA for those on the ordination track. If it isn't a rerelease of the ROTF Leader Megatron toy, then I'd kill for a new G2 Megatron.

Honestly, I'm just hoping for a good looking big Megatron (slightly bigger than MP-10) that doesn't turn into a gun. But we don't know and argument could be made for both them being and them not being those molds.
I'm not holding out any hope of anything good or this even existing, since it also had Animated Activator Cybertron Mode Bumblebee on the list as well.
This will involve an examination of what preaching is and why we do it, how we use the Bible in preaching, principles of sermon construction, as well as a preaching lab involving the delivery of sermons in a class setting. It will investigate the implications of the Wesleyan heritage and theology in respect to the nature of God, human nature, salvation and sanctification, spiritual growth, church life, worship, and social witness. I highly doubt hasbro'll ever touch that series with the merchndising stick but dammit I wants me some more steampunk transformers.

This is the cover of an upcoming IDW comic (Dark Cybertron #12) but I can't see and alt-mode parts at all that aren't gun parts. Considering how recent those molds are and the high prices they demand on e-bay, it is possible that Hasbro celebrates the movie part by releasing those molds. Mastermind Creations used to scratch that itch, but they've gotten boring and just make classics toys like all the other third party guys.

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