Touchstone Advisory Services can help your employees succeed, and your organization thrive. Before becoming an accredited Coach, I spent 20+ years working as a commercial banker, a business leader and managing a corporate university. Our development workshop series and customized programs emphasize personalized and authentic strategies for individual and organizational development. Every person who attends a workshop, either our Leadership Tracks or On-site Programs, has his or her own coach from Priority Learning and there's no expiration date or extra costs.
Priority Learning offers Leadership Coaching and Mentoring to anyone who wants to get better at leading others and increasing their level of leadership to inspire others to greater potential. Responsiveness and communications Getting back to people quickly, using various mediums to convey information based on the end user's needs and the will to get the information out to inform all without concern. Results and priority setting Knowing what is expected through routine checks, hitting those expectations, communicating expectations to others and holding accountable those who report to you. Personal accountability Accepting responsibility for the results of the organization in a way that invites ownership.
Growth and development of people Working closely with each of your people to build world class skills and behaviors, a cross functional path or a vertical strategy while building on their abilities to work with others is a core skill for all leaders. Self-development and personal growth There is no tomorrow without personal growth and the leaders' development needs.
Team development Knowing how to build the team and executing on those knowledge components is key to the leader's job. Approachability and humility A leader gives off a certain feeling toward others that makes them easy or hard to approach. Name It!It is the issue, problem, concern, idea or simple feeling we have while we ramble, get emotional and spin into endless POP psychological or self-therapy.

Moments of PossibilityMoments of possibility, we tend to think of what could be as a future goal, something that is still out of reach.
Bridge the gap between what is asked of your employees and what they have been trained to do. Our leadership coaching process, based on the Leadership Development Process (Link to LDP eBrchure sent this am), focuses on five leadership skills that are needed to develop innovative, high performing teams that adapt quickly and effectively to change. The Leadership Coaching Process (link to LCP eBrochure emailed this am) is a three-staged process designed to provide leaders with the skills and tools they need to increase their leadership effectiveness and create high performing teams.
Executive Coaching involves working with the coachee by supporting them in reaching specific goals in their professional development. An effective sales strategy comes not just from sales activities, but also from how you approach potential clients.
I've had the chance to work with many clients and help them achieve important business objectives. I believe the best way to answer that question is with an actual coaching conversation - no strings attached! We use the Breakthrough Coaching Process to help everyone strategize their own development and growth.
Determining what is most important and accomplishing results in a way that is aligned with the entire organization's needs. Translating that accountability into pride and making decisions that serve the best greater interest of your organization. Teams that work together for the greater good are much more valuable than individuals' contributing individually and leaders who nurture teams and place the team first enhance value to the organization and to the team members. This requires leaders to be open, transparent and patient with others regardless of personality.

Knowing where you want to be starts with understanding where you are and why change is needed or desired. More details on the Leadership Coaching Process (link to LCP eBrochure emailed this am) facilitated by Peter O’Connor of Performance Partners. The specific areas of coaching may include career transition, interpersonal and professional communication, performance management, organizational effectiveness, managing career and personal changes, developing executive presence, enhancing strategic thinking, dealing effectively with conflict, and building an effective team within an organisation.
We have had considerable success working with senior sales professionals who now need to operate as Business Managers. If you want to sell consistently and increase your revenues, you may have to refine the way you engage clients throughout the entire sales process. In order to achieve the mission and align with organisational intentions, it is important for leaders to be able to work within functional teams. You'll benefit from my experience  in developing effective leaders who can address the needs of their employees and their business and become successful by any measure. The process takes about six months to accomplish and the person being coached and mentored has full access to our resources, which include workshop series and our 360 Leadership Process. Sales coaching is quick to introduce, control and monitor, and generates immediate measurable results.
Coaching is none of these – it is helping to identify the skills and capabilities that are within the person, and enabling them to use them to the best of their ability. Meanwhile, the coach works with the sales team to unlock their potential, provide support and guidance to resolve issues and facilitate inter-team communication.

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