Roland Smith is a Senior Faculty member at the Center for Creative Leadership (CCL), leading the Center’s legal sector practice group. Smith has taught entrepreneurship, organizational behavior and human resource management at The College of Idaho.
Are you ready to take your teaching practice to the next level at the Yoga Alliance Teachers and Leadership Conference?
On Halloween weekend October 31 – November 2, the Yoga Alliance is putting together a yoga teacher leadership conference where the goal is to unite all the yoga teachers under one roof and discuss the future of yoga and explore opportunities. During the Yoga Alliance Leadership Conference, many speakers will be discussing teaching techniques, how to build a successful yoga studio business, and address any other concerns many teachers and studios might have.
What can yoga teachers, schools, and the yoga community as a whole expect from the Yoga Alliance in the years to come? As the national education and support organization for Yoga in the United States, we want to fulfill our goal of providing yoga education, cultivating the yoga community, and fostering the expansion of the yoga movement through qualified teachers and schools.  You can expect Yoga Alliance to be more present and more active in the years to come. Currently, there are over 35 workshops and programs scheduled at the Yoga Alliance Leadership Conference that are going to offer teachers an opportunity to improve their craft.
The Yoga Alliance has taken a bit of hit in the last couple of years as many have questioned their ability to truly lead the yoga community. Yoga Teacher Training Schools – Are you interested in becoming a yoga teacher and taking a yoga teacher training? Yoga Teacher Training Scholarship – Learn more about our scholarship program where we offer one lucky student the opportunity to win a free yoga teacher training.
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Dream Job X provides career mentoring and coaching for yoga students who are looking to make money doing what they love. After working as an attorney, public affairs consultant, and community volunteer, Catherine Clark Mosbacher joined the Center for Houston’s Future as President and CEO in October, 2008.
The 2015 County Leadership Conference will empower our leaders to provide effective coaching through skill building opportunities to assist in developing a super team of champion Extension colleagues who are capable, resilient and transformational.
The 2015 County Leadership Conference will engage county leaders in creating a top-notch county colleague support model and explore ways to lead Cooperative Extension into the next 100 years.

We teach, learn, lead and serve, connecting people with the University of Wisconsin, and engaging with them in transforming lives and communities. County Leadership Conference is part of the University of Wisconsin-Extension Co-op Connection Network. He is one of the lead designers and trainers for CCL and is the lead researcher relative to legal sector initiatives.
In addition to his work with attorneys, Smith has provided leadership training for doctors, scientists, engineers, accountants, and corporate executives. The Yoga Alliance are putting together a conference that is calling upon all yoga teachers to come together and discuss the future of teaching yoga here in America.
But if you are newer to teaching yoga and still not very familiar with them, simply put the Yoga Alliance are a group of veteran teachers and influencers within the yoga community who have set out to establish a set of standards that yoga teachers, yoga studios, and yoga teacher trainings adhere to. As many people in the yoga community know, there has been some backlash towards the Yoga Alliance as many felt they did not do enough to truly help the community as a whole.
More importantly, veterans from the community will converge to offer insights to newer yoga teachers looking to expand and grow their knowledge of yoga and health.
This is a lecture and practice where Siddhi is going to discuss the rich history of chanting mantras and how this benefits the neuro-endocrine system and how this can help cure certain ailments such as depression, headaches, and insomnia. As we all know breathing is not only the cornerstone to our lives, but in teaching yoga to others effectively, understanding the power of breath and being able to impart this to your students is going to be imperative to your success as a yoga teacher. In this lecture and practice Amy is going to discuss the importance of sequencing asanas that best serve your students and not just you as a teacher.
All the courses are being lead by veteran teachers who have been at the forefront of the yoga community for some time now. Then check out our list of schools from around the world offering yoga certification programs.
Before coming to the Center, Catherine served as Board Chair of the Texas Department of Protective and Regulatory Services in Austin (child and adult protective services, child care licensing, and prevention and intervention). He is experienced in working with in-house counsel, executive committees, practice groups and regional law offices. In 2011, Smith was appointed special adviser by the North Carolina Bar Association to create a Leadership Academy for young lawyers for the organization’s Young Lawyer Initiatives Task Force.

More importantly, they are now looking to make more of an effort to have a positive influence in the yoga community as a whole.
If you are not up on the history and intentions behind them, then I highly recommend you follow this link to learn more about the Yoga Alliance. Some of the esteemed speakers include Lilias Folan (one of the first teachers to bring hatha yoga to the West), David Frawley, Mark Singleton, Nayaswami Gyandev McCord, Philip Goldberg and many others.
This will also be a lecture and practice where Lynn will lead the class to understand their own breathing patterns and how to become more conscious of any distortions in your own breathing practice so that you can catch it right away and not pass it along to your students.
The sequencing of asanas is like telling a story and as a yoga teacher; you are going to be the storyteller. The Yoga Alliance Leadership Conference is going to be one of many of these new steps that they are taking. Or, visit our Yoga Retreats page to explore beautiful yoga vacations from around the world. She served as an Adjunct Professor at the University of Houston Law Center for eight years. Sequencing asanas in a way that not only keeps people engaged but invigorated as well is going to be paramount towards the success of your yoga-teaching career.
She is the founder of BEAR, Be a Resource for CPS Kids, a nonprofit that provides help and hope to abused and neglected children.
Catherine was Legislative Counsel to Texas Eastern Corporation in Houston and Assistant Counsel to the United States Senate Legislative Counsel in Washington, D.C. Catherine has served on numerous nonprofit boards, including the Houston Area Women's Center, St. She is a graduate of the Center for Houston’s Future Leadership Forum, Senior Fellow of the American Leadership Forum, and a former trustee of St. Honors include the Depelchin Award for Community Leadership, the Anti-Defamation League’s Torch of Liberty Award, and the Center for Public Policy Priorities Legacy Award.

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