YMCA Christian Leadership Conferences have trained day and resident camp leaders, child care workers, YMCA staff and volunteers. The program is designed to help people take a closer look at themselves in relationship to their own strengths and weaknesses, religious beliefs and relationships that surround them. Each Rag and Leather has a specific challenge and is accompanied by a personal goal developed by the individual.
To put Judeo-Christian principles into practice through programs that build healthy spirit, mind and body for all. FarmHouse Regional Leadership Conferences (RLCs) are a biennial opportunity for leadership, personal growth, chapter improvement and brotherhood.
All of this, including conference materials, your own copy of our leadership book, a ticket to a local cultural activity, 2 nights in a downtown hotel and 5 meals is available for only $225 per person attending. The RLC program is geared toward all members, whether they are new members, an experienced senior or somewhere in between. Billings, Montana will play host to the western FarmHouse Regional Leadership Conference, February 15-17, 2013, at the Crowne Plaza hotel in downtown Billings. Cleveland, Ohio is home to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and attendees at this RLC, February 22-24, 2013, will get a chance to see and hear the legends up close, as admission to the museum is included. Financial support to off-set attendance costs or scholarships are available for some chapters through their local FarmHouse Association or FarmHouse Foundation Council. Registrants are reminded that in adherence to and compliance with the FarmHouse International policy, conferences are alcohol‐free.
Tobacco product use during RLC activities is prohibited in common areas and meeting rooms of the hotel. We develop our children’s greatest abilities and make possible the discovery and pursuit of their dreams, which when fulfilled will benefit us all. The mission of the Boulder Valley School District is to create challenging, meaningful and engaging learning opportunities so that all children thrive and are prepared for successful, civically engaged lives. Diversity within the BVSD student and larger community is valued, acknowledged, respected, and celebrated. Leadership Institute (LAMP) - Health Policy & AdministrationUpcoming Leadership Conferences.

CCD - Experience - leadership conferencesMark your calendar for these upcoming Leadership Conferences: October 28, 2011- COLEADS, a social justice conference. California Community College Student Affairs Association - CCCSAAConference registration discounts for advisors and student attendees to the . Leadership Conference Date Change - BlogFor those of you who are preparing for the upcoming Leadership Conference in April, I have changed the date of the event on our website.
77th ANNUAL SEAFC LEADERSHIP CONFERENCEThe Southeastern Association of Fire Chiefs invites you to become a sponsor of our upcoming leadership conference. Why did Bremerton School District, Bremerton, WA, subscribe to our critical thinking problems to boost students' critical thinking and problem solving skills? The Conference’s goal is connecting people of other cultures who share the same Lasallian vision and values and who sincerely want to make a difference in the world. So far, Lasallian Leadership Conferences have taken place in Beauvais, France, and Philadelphia, with Lasallian university students and faculty from Brazil, Colombia, France, Mexico, the Philippines, Spain, and more, coming together to find creative solutions to the world’s problems. Participation in the program is enhanced by the use of tradition, resource materials and one-on-one sharing sessions. In 2013, we are offering three great host locations, Billings, Cleveland and Memphis, for you and your chapter to chose from to attend.
Financial assistance may be available through your local alumni association or Foundation council. Chapters are encouraged to send at least 20% of their membership to one of the three Regional Leadership Conferences offered in 2013. In addition to all of the great learning and brotherhood, your registration includes a tour of the Judith River Dinosaur Institute and Lab. Requests for such funding assistance should be directed through the chapter advisor, Association President or Foundation Council member. Alcohol may not be present or consumed during RLC events or in hotel rooms during the conference.
We provide a comprehensive and innovative approach to education and graduate successful, curious lifelong learners who confidently confront the great challenges of their time.
The YLI's are the engine to reveal opportunity, connectedness, and potential for a productive high school experience and productive future beyond graduation.

As part of the LGU program experience, Lasallian Leadership Conferences bring students from around the world together in one place for two weeks to build bridges across cultures and explore each other’s similarities and differences. Not all students share the same strife or happiness at a personal and national level, but everyone shares in the process of being global Lasallian leaders and encouraging others to join them. This program also follows in line with what YMCA's strive to accomplish through their mission.
The RLC curriculum will feature the leadership book "Pulling Together," focused on building teamwork within your chapter. Should a chapter plan to arrive later than this, they must notify the International Office at least one‐week in advance. YLI's encourage forward thinking, create hope, and generate impetus so that the participants see their opportunity to be successful, curious lifelong learners who are willing to confront the challenges of their time. The Institute's leadership education series currently includes the following components. We'll offer a chance to further advance your individual chapter's Blue Print, developed by your officers attending FarmHouse Leadership Institute. Sharing Christian values and the YMCA Mission in all YMCA programs is emphasized with focus in three areas: youth development, healthy living and social responsibility. Improve yourself through workshops on leadership, career networking and professional etiquette, financial education, and more! Since the first Christian Leadership Conference in 1974 the program has grown and now includes conferences from coast to coast.
All with FarmHouse brothers from across the region, as you experience a fun outing in your RLC host city.

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