Small Group Facilitation: Through a well-structured and closely facilitated group meeting, WGA helps leaders identify team issues and create action plans to create a high-performance team. One-on-One Executive Coaching: Personal coaching sessions offer leaders a fresh unbiased perspective on leadership practices and help to identify opportunities for promoting growth. Leadership Development Workshops: WGA’s unparalleled leadership development workshops provide leaders an opportunity to self-reflect and discover their leadership styles through exciting games, introspective activities, and knowledge sharing with other leaders.
To learn more about WGA's services, contact one of our Practice leaders, request a case study, subscribe to our newletters or request more information please complete the form below or call us toll-free at (866) 556-5206. About WGA ConsultingWGA serves our clients in the areas of strategy consulting, program and project management, culture change, leadership development, learning and training, organizational change management, people, information technology, enterprise systems, operational excellence, simplifying complexity, business process, lean six sigma, supply chain management, manufacturing and business turnaround.
3 years after deploying SAP, we began to experience major process break downs and chronic user and system problems.
During an operational business planning off-site, our finance team identified the need to re-evaluate our projected operational costs in several areas over the next 3 years. WGA assisted us with developing and executing scenario-based turnaround strategies and addressing a number of business problems. WGA helped us design, develop and deploy improvements in our global procurement organization. We worked with WGA to fine tune our long term business strategy to address unforeseen changes in Asia, Canada and South America. After two decades of organic growth, many of our managers in the organization were starting to see a chronic problem.
After we experienced a cluster of downtime events related to preventative maintenance issues at four of our sterile pharmaceutical manufacturing plants in North America and Puerto Rico, we needed a new operating model in our maintenance program. In 2014, our Global Services & Support business unit was working with our internal business partners to develop our 2020 business strategy road-map.
Small to mid-cap firms, family owned or privately held firms leaders may be wise to ask for help. This week as many celebrate Yom Kippur as owners of Family Businesses we may want to remember to ask forgiveness, promise problems and ask for help in solving problems.
HRB & Associates is a strategic consulting firm focusing on Family Owned, Privately Held, Small to Mid-cap firms. Hoshin Kanri or Policy Deployment is what’s accomplished by linking the business plans to results. Broderick & Company works exclusively with professional service firms to help them build and maintain a strong and successful business. Maureen and her team work with clients to identify and hone in on weak links in the PSF organizational model. To gauge your performance on each of the 10 critical areas of management focus, take some time to review and discuss the following series of questions. Subscribe to Maureen’s monthly newsletter Lessons from Leaders for management insights from top professional service firms.
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Davies Consulting blog: our utility industry experts comment on critical issues in risk management, asset strategy, and emergency management.
November 2015: Davies Consulting independent review of SCE underground network outages and response. September 2015 article by Davies Consulting and LGE-KU highlights one utility success story.

Davies Consulting offers guidance and assistance to utilities exploring leading edge solutions to all kinds of emergency management challenges. Supporting utility asset management decisions that effectively mitigate risks, maintain reliable service, and meet budgetary requirements.
Supporting sound strategic planning and regulatory strategies with strong business consulting expertise, real world utility experience, and proven analytics. Enhancing utility operational and communications effectiveness before, during, and after emergency events.
Davies Consulting is an international strategy and management consulting firm with more than 20 years of energy industry experience. Davies Consulting offers business strategy, process consulting, and utility-specific subject matter and best practices expertise. Our goal is to serve as a resource and ultimately supply our clients with the necessary tools and in-house knowledge to produce sustainable, positive results! LXConsultants: North America, Caribbean, Europe, Asia, Tokyo, Paris, Trinidad, Curacao, Barbados.
Ensuring the organisation, its management and all the people understand and embrace required and ongoing change is a key executive role in all successful organisations.
After completing several leadership development workshops with various Fortune 200 clients recently, I realized that many companies are lacking a simple and clear understanding of what makes a good leader.
Good leaders can lead the group to a higher level of performance by setting reachable goals and energizing the team to accomplish those goals.
WGA will measure a leader’s style and competencies against the organization’s objectives and external benchmarks to help create a personalized leadership development plan, which will support personal and organizational goals. Leadership development workshops also help to achieve alignment and increase commitment within teams.
The results provide your organization’s leaders with their strengths as well as opportunities for growth to achieve a well-rounded leadership profile to compliment your organization’s culture. Globalization is quickly amplifying, the digitalization of various industries is becoming more apparent, and customer needs are continually evolving. Our business customers in Finance, Supply Chain, Procurement and HR had escalated these chronic problems to our leadership team. WGA’s category management strategy enabled us to realign our regional procurement centers to focus on maximizing the value of our resources, improving customer service levels with our internal business customers and consolidating overlapping positions across the enterprise. WGA’s independent analysis of additional plausible scenarios helped us realign the timing of our capital investments and adjust our organizational redesign.
WGA’s experience and services have helped us reduce operational costs, increase our competitiveness and improve operations. We engaged WGA to conduct an industry benchmark exercise of our maintenance program at each of our plants using their RCP™ benchmark method. John Maxwell in his blog wrote,” Once you announce your campaign of change, be honest about the hardships ahead.
Often we think of ourselves as problem solvers, good leaders provide over sight, resources and others to help.
They admit there is an issue, first step in solving any problem is admitting there is a problem, defining it. We believe that strategic planning, succession planning and Human Resource Management are results of understanding where we are, where we want to go and a metric driven approach to getting there.
Based on many years of research and experience working in-house and consulting with professional service firms, Broderick founder, Maureen Broderick, has developed a PSF leadership organizational model that captures the essence of what it takes to build and manage a high performance firm.

Each of these 10 areas was tested and validated by over 130 senior firm leaders of many of the most respected professional service firms (see The Art of Managing Professional Services: Insights from Leaders of the World’s Top Firms).
Specializing in Utility Asset Management, Emergency Management, and Regulatory Support, we deliver expert advice to forward-thinking companies leading the energy industry today. Our team’s collective energy IQ is complimented by a set of analytic tools that help enable client success and continuous improvement. Effective leadership acts as an on-going support system to the organization, influencing and inspiring them to achieve organizational objectives. Leaders come out of our workshops with individualized action plans and performance objectives. WGA had been working with our finance team on related efforts and connected with my team to help identify opportunities. WGA’s teams are flexible, easy to work with and always deliver what we need, when we need it.
During our second year of the category management structure we have realized over $90M in operational cost reduction and increased all of our internal metrics for speed, quality and customer service.
WGA’s foresight and deep cross-industry experience has helped us on a number of occasions advert unnecessary challenges. Some of our supply partners needed a firm picture of our road-map immediately in order to formalize commitments. WGA will develop and deliver customized leadership development workshops based on management input and WGA’s organizational needs assessment.
WGA helped us identify a number of “misses” and business changes that were not in our design. We reached out to WGA to help us identify and prioritize meaningful simplification opportunities. We reached out to one of our strategic consulting suppliers for assistance, but they wouldn’t be able to dispatch a team to help us for over 3 months. They worked with us to facilitate designing, planning and implementing all aspects of the program.
Ask yourself a question, what kind of organization you have when everyone in the organization is just like you? WGA enabled us to triage the situation and re-established confidence with our internal business customers. The results were incredible, we consolidated and reduced over 950+ global positions and eliminated over 7000+ waste and bottleneck problems. As a true partner, WGA had their team on the ground 2 days later and we were able to complete our 2020 strategy and planning efforts in just 6 weeks!
We also consolidated and relocated three of our manufacturing centers into one lower cost location.
Change leadership is also about ensuring all the people in the organisation understand change and its personal and organisational impact; and have the capabilities and confidence to flourish in the necessarily changing environment of our business today.

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