ServicesEnlightened Leadership Consulting provides a range of mentorship, executive coaching, training and consulting services to both individuals and companies. We know how to build, lead & develop diverse teams, and understand that every organization is unique. Case StudiesEnlightened Leadership Consulting has a history of making a difference both comercially and personally.
Company B wanted to improve their recruiting and specifically their interviewing techniques to reduce the number of bad hires and make better decisions on which candidates to invest in. ELC’s endgame is to reach 80% of annual income and cumulative capital targets where we will then charge clients what they think our service is worth as compared to what they can afford at the time. Founder & CEO, Dave Rowe, has a passion for adding value to clients with measurable results.
Have you been privately, secretly asking, “What can I do to find a greater level of success, happiness and peace of mind?” You may have just found your answer.
We at Enlightened Leadership Consulting look forward to figuring out how to best serve you.
Coming from an Engineering background, I have made the move to the field of Management  Consulting where I have been active for the past 7 years.
I am an economist with an MBA in Finance and over a decade of experience in the fields of management consulting and policy research. Ahmed Nounou is an experienced management consultant with an extensive hands-on experience. ELC introduced them to innovative strategies and technologies that brought about significant improvements and cost savings.

I feel quite lucky to have had him as a facilitator, and cannot think of a single area where his skills need any improvement whatsoever.
His interaction style, even among a team of peers, inspired those around him and kept them moving forward, even in the face of a series of daunting and risky tasks. Fahmy is the Co- Founder and the current Vice President and Managing Partner of Corporate Strategy at Logic Management Consulting Group and has over 20 years of experience in the field of Business & Management Consulting.
This adds up to a total work experience in excess of 13 years across multiple disciplines and fields. As an Executive Coach, Dave has a knack for working with individuals or small groups to find pragmatic and workable solutions to challenges that, at first, may appear overwhelming or impossible to navigate. The diversity between my engineering education and my career choices gave me the privilege of the organized structural thinking of engineers married to business acumen. I have since evolved into our in-house authority on all issues pertaining to the human element.
Moreover I am an economics instructor who enjoys sharing knowledge with students and associates. He is leading consultants’ teams to successfully deliver effective recommendations to governments, companies and NGOs operating in the Energy sector across the Middle East Before LOGIC Energy, Nounou worked as a Senior Consultant at Quick-Wins Strategic Advisory. This business savviness was built over time and with exposure to mega industrial development projects, policy making within the government and through a Master’s degree in Business Administration from MSM. This has spanned assignments and tools covering organizational design, organizational restructuring, grading, salary structures and assessment.
I have a soft spot in my heart for entrepreneurship and start-ups and can often be found in mentoring forums or business plan competitions.

My love for HR is deep rooted in my curiosity towards the human psyche and the desire to understand people’s behaviours and the drivers behind their actions. During his work in Quick-Wins, Ahmed worked extensively on a variety of assignments ranging from start-up planning to nation-wide projects that involve governments and multinationals. When not following that passion I find myself drawn to travelling the world and seeking exotic culinary experiences. It is this passion for making a change, business acumen, exposure and analytical approach to problem solving that has led me to embrace the field of Management Consulting. He has worked on developing simulation tools that integrate the cost and the impact of the large scale projects on the countries’ macro dimensions. Finally, when not donning a suit, I am a random blogger, eclectic reader, amateur novelist (with a series of short stories under my belt), photography enthusiast and a music-obsessed, travel-crazed and incredibly blessed Alexandrian.
Before Quick-Wins, Nounou gained his hand-on experience through working as a general manager for Heliopolis Apparel, his family business of Garments Manufacturing. Nounou has succeeded to accomplish high achievements in the business by turning the local company into an exporter with international standards, while boosting the local revenues as well. Nounou holds a Master degree in Business Administration (MBA) from Copenhagen Business School in Denmark with focus on clean tech business and hold a Bachelor of Science in Communications and Electronics from the Faculty of Engineering, Ain Shams University (ASU) in Egypt Besides, Nounou is a development activist; he co-founded a national environmental project (Keep Egypt Clean) and currently a board member in Nebny foundation, a slums-development focused NGO.

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