Successful learners will be awarded a University Higher Diploma: Professional Practice in Leading and Managing Care Services (Specialist title) AND if appropriate a Higher Apprenticeship. Develop learners analytical and problem solving skills and their ability to respond to change.
For everyone in the sector working towards the Level 5 Diploma, the Specialist Adult Social Care Pathway offers the possibility of going on to achieve a range of other HE qualifications in the future. Any of the leadership, management and HR training courses in this faculty can be run as an in house training option for your team.Further information can be found in our in house training section. The ability and opportunity to lead, manage, recruit, empower and develop your people is an important factor in supporting sustained organisational success for both public and private sector organisations.
Whether you are a new team leader seeking to develop your leadership skills, or an experienced manager or HR professional looking to refine your capabilities on a training course, Capita Learning & Development can assist you. Our range of leadership, management and HR related skills training courses offer participants the opportunity to develop the necessary knowledge and skills to make a measurable difference to their performance and that of their organisation.
New to Team Leadership This highly interactive training course provides you with the knowledge, techniques and skills to build, lead and proactively manage a strong team. This innovative, highly participative course enables you to experience real life workplace situations and plan strategies to deal with business and staff management issues. This Effective Middle Management training course has been designed to help middle managers achieve improvements in productivity and performance through people whilst taking into account key topical management issues.
This course has been designed for managers to hone in on the strategies and behaviours required to motivate your team, and help you become a more effective and motivational leader.
The Balanced Scorecard: Developing a Vision and Strategy for Your Organisation The Balanced Scorecard training course is a framework to help organisations clarify vision and strategy and translate them into procedures that drive performance and behaviour. This Building Effective Teams training course examines some of the issues which affect teams and strategies to overcome them as a team leader or manager. Our specialist training programme for leaders provides powerful business communication behaviours for exceptionals leadership. This Communication Skills for Managers training course helps you understand others’ communication styles as well as your own and will enable you to develop professional business communication skills. This essential coaching tools and techniques training course will help you better understand how to coach and support others to reach their potential and deliver in their roles, increase competence, confidence and growth for your employees to assist your organisation achieve business objectives.
Managing People Problems The Managing People Problems training course explores different ways to deal with people who present challenging behaviour or attitude within a team, or tasks managers require them to carry out.
This leadership and management training course provides you with the business tools to prepare and plan for any networking environment.
This course identifies the core elements of mentoring and the rationale for introducing it into the organisation. Presentation Skills for Managers It is essential that you can present with authority and poise. Situational Leadership is one of the world’s most popular leadership models and is used by many organisations to build a high performance culture and develop good leadership skills.
This workshop is designed to provide the key skills and knowledge to understand the relationship between supply management, procurement and contract management.
This Think on Your Feet® training course gives participants methods to structure their thought processes and handle difficult situations. Building and Using Competency Frameworks The Building and Using Competency Frameworks course is suitable for those with responsibility to review and align the organisation’s people management processes to a competency based approach, whether new to competencies or having some experience and requiring further guidance on gaining organisational support for this approach. Diversity and Equality in Practice In this leadership training course you have the opportunity to explore the benefits of diversity to your organisation and learn how you can build better diversity strategies. Employment Law This Employment Law training course equips you to deal with, and advise on, employment law issues. Any organisation that truly wants to enhance its workforce and ensure strategic plans are consistent across the business, must have a robust performance management process in place. This HR as a Business Partner training course covers the essential areas that Human Resources Business Partners need to build confidence and vital skills.
The Immigration Act 2014 ExplainedThis course provides an overview of immigration and the way it impacts upon society, delivered by a qualified solicitor who specialises in immigration law.
This Implementing Anti Bribery and Corruption Measures training course provides you with the opportunity to understand what preventative measures need to be in place to ensure compliance and adherence to the Bribery Act 2010.
Managing Grievance and DisciplineThis workshop focuses on ensuring standards are upheld, performance issues and conflicts are managed fairly, consistently and stay within the legislative framework to avoid expensive legal costs and employment tribunal claims.
Recruitment and Selection In this Recruitment and Selection training course we introduce you to the necessary processes, skills and knowledge that will help to minimise the chances of poor, or illegal, recruitment. Talent Management and Succession Planning The current competitive recruitment and retention climate across both the public and private sectors, is creating the need for innovative talent management strategies.
This Absence Management training course has been designed to provide delegates with the skills needed to manage employee absences whilst avoiding unnecessary repeat occurrences, maintaining the health, safety and motivation of employees and reducing the financial burdens associated with absence. This Conflict Resolution training course gives you the skills to deal with conflict in the workplace and identify how to generate more positive results in conflict situations. This Leading Change training course will help managers and change agents recognise and manage cultural and psychological barriers to help ensure the perception, reaction and impact of change is not onerous, chaotic or the cause of unease or resentment.

Managing Multiple Stakeholders Attend this interactive workshop and gain the tools and techniques required to identify and influence key stakeholders and develop effective and tailored communications strategies. This management training course is suitable for managers who are new to matrix management, or who find it challenging.
Sustaining Performance with Reduced Resources This 2-day course will explore the nature of the challenges leaders face in today’s testing times. This course aims to increase participants’ competence in managing budgets more effectively, assessing the efficiency of an organisation’s operation and how to make more informed decisions on projects and investments. Interpreting Data and Statistics: Making the Most of Your Management Information This course will enable you pull together large amounts of management data and translate it into meaningful and useful information. This course covers the essential steps in the writing process to build confidence and skills. This Successful Budgeting course is ideal for any manager who is about to have budgetary responsibility or needs to be more effective in their management of budgets.
Writing Business Plans and Forecasting This introductory course provides you with essential skills and an overall understanding of business planning and forecasting processes. Commissioning in the Public Sector This workshop provides an overview and key challenges of the commissioning process, and gives you an opportunity to reflect upon your present and future service provider arrangements. ILM Level 3 Award in Leadership and Management This course aims to increase participants’ competence in managing budgets more effectively, assessing the efficiency of an organisation’s operation and how to make more informed decisions on projects and investments. ILM Level 3 Certificate in Leadership and Management This qualification focuses on developing skills and knowledge that is essential to first line management role. ILM Level 5 Award in Leadership and Management This accredited and professional development programme is designed to develop middle management skills and knowledge.
ILM Level 5 Certificate in Leadership and Management This qualification covers all fundamentals of management featured in the Level 3 Award but provides more advanced development. This Award has been designed to give practising managers of any level a solid foundation in management coaching and mentoring skills. How Poor Leadership Impacts Employee Motivation - Print PDFHow Poor Leadership Performance. We suggest that the equivocal empirical results of board leadership structure on firm performance have both methodological and conceptual roots.
Leadership style, organizational politics, and employees' performanceA direct relationship between leadership and performance (in-role and OCB) was . Discover your accurate intentions was unsure about what profession direction with EMCC over the.
Scientific management theory kit) which you can do in the convenience of your property, in the time have. Scheme is leadership development framework pdf an opportunity for a UEL student or graduate the significance of each a single the ideas that the author. We are running a Creative Leaders open programme in Spring 2016 for anyone who has to understand and lead the creative charge in their business. Current creative leadership work includes working with the Creative Director to create a bespoke toolkit and training to roll out and train in an 80-strong creative business. Typically we start with a 1-day facilitated Art of Possibility Leadership session to unpick the elements that drive a successful creative business and enable the leadership team to become agents of creative change – leaders that stand for and inspire creativity wherever they go and whatever they do.
Claire works alongside leadership supremo Elizabeth Lovius to give your leadership team the tools, know-how and motivation to drive creativity in your business.
Many people are increasingly finding themselves in management and leadership roles, whether by official title or not. The links to the MBTI or the SDI or the Team Management Profile can add enormous learning and organisational value to this programme and dovetails well with the ILM indicative content. We are accredited to administer MAP Assessment; the only objective management asssessment tool that measures the competence of practising and aspirant managers.
Use this tool for selection and assessment and for the development of managers at any level.  Be benchmarked against 30,000 other managers and also against those within your organisation. Your study will be supported through live (online) workshops with your tutor, guided self-study learning materials and peer support through hour online discussion groups.The whole programme (including the Level 5 Diploma stage undertaken at a partner college or provider) will usually take between 18 months to two years part time. For further information please visit our Transfer students page.If you have relevant work experience, academic credit may be awarded towards your Middlesex University qualification. It is also aimed at advanced practitioner roles that require a high level of knowledge of care provision, or a specific specialism.
Effective workforce development and talent management are increasingly being recognised as key contributing factors to the success of every organisation, as well as the demonstration of excellent leadership and management insight. You will be shown simple and effective management models that will help you to make sense of your new role. Done well, delegation can develop individuals save time, motivate and improve team productivity. It addresses the issues that can cause mentoring to fail and it identifies ways to ensure successful implementation. When applied, this training will result in impactful briefings and presentations to either large or small audiences, and enable the presenter to deal with any difficult situations such as challenging questions or bringing life to dry subjects.

As employment legislation now changes twice a year, it is imperative that line managers and HR professionals are kept up to date with the latest changes.
It has been designed to offer practical guides to carrying out checks and dispel some of the most common myths surrounding immigration.
The course is fun and interactive and there is an opportunity to practice interviewing and receiving feedback. The disciplines of resourcing and talent management help you to pro-actively plan your future workforce, react quickly to organisational change and be prepared with an action plan to strategically deploy your talent.
LEADERSHIP - MAXIMIZING YOUR COMPANY'S PERFORMANCEBetter performance depends on your reputation and business environment.
Leadership is lifting a person's vision to high sights, and raising performance to a higher standard. The charge for creativity must come from the top of the organisation and we work at executive level to tailor bespoke programmes to create and foster a creative culture. We’re currently working with the Creative Directors at several London agencies to develop their skills and lead changes working with their boards and HR teams.
From top team executives, MD’s and HRD’s interested in creating a transformational breakthrough in leading creativity in their organisation.
We are running a year-long programme for a 60-strong in-house team involving the VIEW, Creative Ninjas, Brainstorm facilitation and building an internal team to drive creative change within their world-famous business. In addition to facilitating creativity they are the agitators in the organisation – the grit in the oyster that creates the pearl. For many, this position comes as a result of their commitment, performance and competence in their current role and perhaps less so for their ability to lead and manage others. A series of dvd episodes follow the life of a manager and his team throughout a week, exploring scenarios such as; delegating, time management, holding meetings, decision making, discipline and performance management, problem solving and communication.
Focus individual learning and development through the use of self-directed learning modules saving you hundreds of pounds in training course costs.
Leadership for Performance in All Parts of Your LifeNow more than ever, your success as a leader isn't just about being a great businessperson. THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN STUDENT PERFORMANCE ANDPerceived Superintendents' Leadership and Student Performance in Region V. There are so many factors at play that this work is always tailored to the needs of the business we are working with. We always start with a creativity audit to assess where you are and work together to get you there.
They are masters at transforming limits to create possibilities and help others see things differently.
International entry requirementsWe accept the equivalent of the above qualifications from a recognised overseas qualification. The C&A Leader Behavior Checklistof this instrument is to help people focus and improve their performance in the leadership role required by their position.
Female leadership, a competitive edge for the futureFemale leadership, a corporate performance driver. You’ll work with Claire and leadership expert Elizabeth Lovius who works with top teams at household name companies internationally. Research Brief Shared Leadership and Student Achievementperformance indicated that teacher leadership is associated with pedagogical quality and student .
Culture and Organizational Performance ResourcesBringing Organizational Culture and Leadership to the Bottom Line .
Please see our Visas and immigration page for further information.English language requirements for international studentsYou must have competence in English language to study with us. View a snapshot of the data, and explore key questions on the path to organizational success by utilizing our Leadership Development Road Map.
Leadership is commonly seen as an impor- tant variable affecting organizational per- formance. Visit our English language requirements page for a full list of accepted English tests and qualifications. Transformational and transactional leadership and performance outcomes of Japanese and U.S. If you don't meet our minimum English language requirements, we offer an intensive Pre-sessional English course.Interviews, entrance tests, portfolios and auditionsEntry onto this course does not require an interview, entrance test, portfolio or audition.
Leadership, Change and People PerformanceUnit Title: Leadership, Change and People Performance. Leadership, Collective Personality, and PerformanceLeadership, Collective Personality, and Performance.

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