Please enter at least one email addressYou are trying to send out more invites than you have remaining. Leadership is about influence and accomplishing tasks while utilizing the gifts of those you lead.
When I am looking to recruit new leaders into the areas I manage I ask myself a simple question.
With that in mind, here are 4 areas in which every leader should set the example in to their team. If you want positive team members that are looking for innovative ways to solve problems and enjoy what they do and who they do it with, start with you. Be a lifelong learner yourself, read books, listen to podcasts, take classes and attend conferences.
When they see you making the effort to learn and become a better you, they will be challenged to do the same. If they see you working hard, staying focused and managing your time well, you will motivate them to do the same.
We expect others to give their best effort, that is why you recruited them and want to work with them. It will be very difficult for them to perform like this if they don’t see you doing the same. I desire to be a part of your journey in developing as a leader and reaching your potential. Leadership is about creating the environment in which your team can flourish whilst showing them how. When I get excited about a new idea or method, I do it myself for a few days before I attempt to convince anyone of the idea.
Thanks Paul and I will add one more comment to the great ones already shared; leaders are genius makers and genius’s!!

Great to hear Susan, when companies can promote and assist learning in the work place the return is exponential.
Merriam Webster took me on an odyssey to get to a definition of leadership.  I seem to remember being taught in school to not use the root of a word to define that word.  Someone should have told Merriam that! Leaders that do not achieve results will not have followers.  Without followers, there is no leader. Leaders do not settle for satisfying the wants of the led.   That describes a politician, not a leader. Leaders guide people towards what is best for them – not just towards what they want. I would like to see the word leadership used only in a positive context.  I believe Hitler had influence, but he was not a leader because of what he used his influence to accomplish.
Character is what separates great leaders from people who just exercise influence.  In my mind, since leadership is inherently a positive word, only people of high character are actually exercising leadership.
Videos & ResourcesVideos, downloadable PDF's and more to help you build a winning culture for your team. About Dave AndersonI’m Dave Anderson, a West Point graduate, a seasoned corporate leader and a family man. Endorsement"Like most people in management, I spend a good deal of time in pursuit of the skills associated with leadership.
Start by setting some goals for your year.  We are all motivated by the growth we see in others.
When you spend too much time at work doing things that are not work related, your team will follow suit. If you aren’t working hard you will debilitate your team and bring their work ethic down.
This burden to set the example is only to so that we are good stewards with the influence we have.

I think it would serve as an excellent litmus test for all current or aspiring leaders, with or without David’s suggestion. It would be easy to make a long list, I think its best to boil it down to a few non-negotiables and keep is as simple as possible. I love the question you pose: Would I want the people this person leads to be just like them? Smart organizations today are taking a fresh look at the profile of the leader required to bring them into the future and redefining the skills, behaviors and attributes necessary to address this new future.
A team member that stops growing will become marginalized, demoralized and eventually unusable.
In my view, living the values you believe has to be the way forward in developing, sustaining and growing great teams and organisations. Sometimes I slip off the wagon and expect others to observe higher standards that are in contradiction to my own action.
APMGroup has helped over 50 companies successfully redefine their leadership profiles as well as assess where their leaders are in relation to that profile today. Having opened the first internationally accredited Assessment Center in Thailand in 2007, we partner with our clients to define a clear and vivid description of their required leader, validly assess those leaders and then build the roadmap to build that leader to the new required levels. This makes us one of the very few consulting firms in Asia that can take you from start to finish in this area. When we partner with you on this incredibly important process, we bring globally recognized international partners such as Hogan and Psytech into our work with you as well as consultants with extensive experience and international credentials.

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