Our client had evolved through a series of acquisitions to become one of the world’s largest and most diversified agribusiness and foods suppliers.
This multi-state, community-oriented bank, which currently has approximately $31 billion in assets, was looking for a proven way to identify and prepare high-potentials for future leadership roles. Working in collaboration with the institution’s leaders, we designed a Leadership Academy program, which consisted of six day-long workshops spread over the academic calendar. Brian SchubringSenior Leadership Development ConsultantBrian has been consulting internationally with a specialization in leadership identification and team development. David completed both his undergraduate and graduate work at the University of South Carolina.
In 2009, David launched David Byrd Consulting, LLC, providing businesses, teams, and organizations with practical, proven systems that get measurable results. David is very active in his church, First United Methodist Church of Waco, Texas, where he has served as an adult Sunday school teacher for over 25 years. Rob joined David Byrd Consulting in 2012 after a successful business career in sales, business development, and finance. Their vision was to transform the organization from a holding company of diverse brands into a unified organization with a matrixed leadership team.
Leveraging our existing leadership research, we created a customized solution that tied competencies, behaviors and performance metrics to individual program components. The workshops were intense and highly interactive, and were based on complementary executive assessment and feedback sessions we had previously held with top administrators.
His work has included clients in the fields of business, education, law, medicine, and non-profit organizations.
David has more than 35 years of experience working with top business executives and their organizations.
He began his career as a high school football coach and later went on to coach at the collegiate level.
He and his organization use a development model called the Next Level Achievement System™ which focuses on leadership development, organizational planning, and personal next level growth.

His first book, Lessons for a Lifetime, is a summary of his experiences as an adult Sunday school teacher. To help them, we created a custom Leadership Excellence Series initiative, which consisted of three modules: Leading Self, Leading Others and Leading the Enterprise. Program participants have reported an enhanced understanding of how to chart their individual leadership development as part of the wider talent pool.
As a result of the program, the university was ranked by Leadership Excellence magazine as one of the top 20 universities for leadership development. Brian's undergraduate degree in psychology and master's degree is clinical counseling provides a unique understanding of the challenges associated with team leadership. Helping leaders and their organizations get to that coveted next level has been the cornerstone of his life’s work. He began his career in business and leadership development in 1979 as a consultant with Leadership Management International. Rapid company growth catapulted him at age 23 to move overseas and open the first European office for Datastream. He brings more than 20 years experience within the private sector, education, and business.
She served as the Assistant Dean for Student Life and Director of Health Education and Wellness. Linking effectively with the firm’s new leadership vision, this initiative has significantly reduced the need to fill executive-level positions externally and has empowered leaders to collaborate across business silos.
In the past ten years he has worked with over 13,000 individuals in more than 300 organizations in North and South America and 13 European countries. She continues to teach Franchising and Strategic Management in the Business School and Examined Life Wellness class in the Honors College. His results at Datastream created a platform enabling Rob to live across the globe, specializing in Business Development for numerous technology and emerging industry firms.
Cassie began working with Curves International as the Director of Training and Research and was later promoted to Vice President.

His consulting consistently results in sustainable leadership development initiatives in each organization.
David  was invited to join the LMI home office executive staff in 1981 and relocated to Texas, where he served in an executive capacity until 1999 when he became the President of LMI.
He specialized in creating, growing, and developing systematic replicable sales models while implementing and training the defined processes.
She was responsible for the study of kinesiology, nutrition and fitness program enhancement in domestic and international markets, and serves as the liaison for the largest, privately funded research program in the United States. During her time at Curves she contributed to the New York Times best selling book Curves and was the co-author of Too Busy to Live. In Charlotte, NC after seeing firsthand the devastation a debilitating health condition could cause, he became an independent Investment Advisor providing financial planning and insurance services to businesses and business owners, managing their personal assets while creating and implementing financial plans. After leaving Curves, Cassie was the CLO for 360Solutions, a leadership development company that includes training, consulting and curriculum development.
After 6 years he sold his business to join a client in the energy industry where he ran sells providing engineering data studies and performance data to businesses in the Energy market. Cassie developed twelve new interactive Leadership Development workbooks and High Performance Leadership app for their 500+ domestic and international strategic partners.
In 2011 Rob took an intentional sabbatical from his business career to be a “domestic engineer” and help his two young daughters during their formative childhood years.
Married to Jenni Byrd Grier, Rob has served as Vice Chair of the Parkinson Association of the Carolinas and is an active in his church and community.

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