Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. 5 Years of Excellence in Training and Development Call us on 9052425444 for Free Demo`Web Trainings AcademyWeb Trainings Academy is professional web training institute, specialized in Web Technologies, softwaretechnologies and internet marketing training.
5 Years of Excellence in Training and Development Call us on 9052425444 for Free Demo`Introduction to Web Technologies Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML 4.01) ? Introduction to Web Technologies ? Careers in Web Technologies and Job Roles ? What is Markup Language ? How the Website Works? 5 Years of Excellence in Training and Development Call us on 9052425444 for Free Demo`Adobe Flash Live Website Design Project ? Introduction to Animation ? Designing a Professional Photoshop Template ? Introduction to Adobe Flash ? Conversion of PSD to CSS ? Tools in Adobe Flash ? Adding Menu System to Project ? Shape Tween and Motion Tween ? Slideshow Integration ? Frame Animation ? Implementing Gallery Script ? Various Flash Effects ? Adding the Contact Form ? Creating Flash Banners ? Form validations using JS ? Creating Flash Intro’s ? Writing the Mail Function in form with PHP ? Creating Flash Website ? Manual Website Testing ? Basics of Action Scripting. The Board of Pharmacy Specialties (BPS) has approved the 2013 Oncology Pharmacy Specialty Recertification Home Study Syllabus as one of three components in a professional development program that can be used by Board Certified Oncology Pharmacists (BCOPs) as an alternative to the written recertification examination. The 2013 Oncology Pharmacy Specialty Recertification Home Study Syllabus includes a Web-based recertification test. The post test must be submitted by November 30, 2013 to be eligible for recertification credit. ACCP, as the official provider approved by BPS, will record and report recertification credit earned in this program directly to BPS.

The American College of Clinical Pharmacy and the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists are accredited by the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education as providers of continuing pharmacy education.
To receive continuing pharmacy education credit, the Web-based posttest must be successfully completed and submitted to ACCP by November 30, 2013. Web Design Resources and Value Added ServicesWeb Hosting ? Graphics (Icon, Buttons, Backgrounds) ? Web Hosting Basics ? Photoshop (Brushes, Patterns, Textures, Styles, ? Types of Hosting Packages Gradients, Actions) ? Registering domains ? PSD Templates ? Defining Name Servers ? Study Material in PDF ? Using Control Panel ? Daily Notes ? Creating Emails in Cpanel ? All class examples files on our server space for easy ? Using FTP Client access. The Home Study Syllabus consists of a collection of journal articles that focuses on advances across the four domains of oncology specialty practice. BCOPs who read each article included in the Home Study Syllabus and successfully complete the Web-based post test on the content of the articles will earn 15.0 hours of oncology recertification credit. The professional development program for oncology recertification is offered by ACCP in conjunction with ASHP and HOPA. Statements of credit for continuing pharmacy education will be available to participants through ACCP’s Web site immediately following the successful completion of the Web-based posttest.
We have passion of sharing knowledge to students and provide training in real time standards.Our web designing syllabus is prepared by expert website designer with 8+ yrs of experience in webdesigning and web development.

We teach all the concepts of web designing with complete liveimplementation.About our Web Designing Program#1 Professional Web Designing Course in HyderabadOur Web Designing Course content is created and updated by experiened web designers to match the presentstandards of web technologies.
In our program we teach all the aspects of layout designing, coding and testing.Our commitment is to make you a professional web designer. You must give 100% dedication and commitment inlearning the subject and implementing the subject. Our Web Designing trainers have many years of experience in website designing andworked on many projects.
Our Course will be very affordable and our institute will be student friendly.Web Designing Syllabus 1.

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