Leadership development programs are being established around the country as companies invest in the new generation of leadership. Leadership Development Programs often expose students to multiple departments and areas of the company. As a participant in a Leadership Development Program, employees can see every side of the company.
If you find a LDP early you like early in your college career, apply for an internship or co-op at that company. To learn more about the Leadership Development Programs at TJX, GE, Sun Life Financial, Optum, and Constant Contact, come to Cultuvating Leadership: Leadership Development Program Panel and Networking Night tomorrow, October 7th in the Visitor’s Center from 6-8PM.
Lindsey Sampson is a junior International Affairs major with minors in Social Entrepreneurship and Writing.
Leadership Development Certificate in Leadership Development Engaging hearts and minds Explore this Program What You’ll Learn What it Costs Admission Requirements In the World Teaching Staff Contact Us Develop your capacity as a strong leader Great leadership is a challenge and the greatest competitive advantage an organization has. As an executive coach working with senior leaders in Fortune 500 companies, I have seen a noticeable uptick in the interest in developing female leaders. Employee networking groups for women have also sprung up like wildflowers, and with them came websites, blogs, and special programs, all of them heralding the efforts being made to bring more women into leadership.
Behind the veneer of enthusiasm, the numbers of women in the top leadership positions at most companies remain largely the same. Mentoring programs and recruitment efforts notwithstanding, the real status of women in corporate America reflects the status quo at best. Presumably, some companies really do want to balance their leadership teams with greater diversity. Companies with a poor track record of advancing women have logically been hesitant to reveal the truth about their (lack of) diversity.
CEOs who would never stand for stagnant profits need to stop standing for a stagnant population of their leadership roles.
The effect of programs to advance and retain women that aren’t backed by action amount to little more than the revving of an engine, with the parking break firmly engaged. Companies that don’t risk becoming dinosaurs in the eyes of their customers, who expect corporate leadership to step into the times. At Kotter International, David Carder empowers individuals to lead change and transform their organizations. We have worked with and observed organizations that are creating real, far-reaching changes in how leadership development participants apply what they have learned on the job. Leadership development professionals clearly know the barriers that block true application of new skills and ideas back on the job. Imagine if, within a couple of days after participating in a leadership program, a middle manager is approached by a colleague and invited to be a part of a new project.
Or, imagine an organization context where a specialized team works over three months, supported by the 20 top executives, to build a groundswell of energy and urgency with 3,800 out of 7,000 employees.  This example is an Italian utility company that saw an opportunity to transform itself into an industry leader across Europe by leveraging thousands of its own leaders.

Imagine you are a middle manager in the context of a change leadership program that features this degree of connectedness to the business, and this level of momentum, contagious energy, and opportunity to take part in transformative projects with passionate teams of local colleagues. Finally, envision yourself working in a consumer products manufacturing facility where your colleagues have ignited a palpable sense of urgency to change critical aspects of the business. As many of us know—and as we have discussed throughout this three-part series—the high-impact integration of on-the-job learning (70%), social learning through coaching and mentoring (20%), and formal skill development programs (10%) is critical to leadership development success.  We have watched a range of organizations take the elusive but powerful 70% to the next level by changing the very nature of their on-the-job environments. These programs are diverse – they offer specific workshops, classes, site visits, and sometimes even a Masters degree. According to Katie Maillet from Constant Contact, “students in our programs want to explore the company before they decide what they like.
According to Carolyn Barton, “this shows, from a recruiter standpoint, a bit more drive and ambition.” Don’t be afraid to pick up the phone or send a LinkedIn request to hear firsthand about their experience in the program.
She enjoys writing about Millennials in the workplace and social media as a marketing tool. Companies are boasting about their efforts to attract and retain women, and we see more and more female-centric lists popping up: the most powerful women, spotlights on up-and-coming women, and companies where women want to work. With such a track record, even the most well-intentioned corporate leaders risk inviting the cynical perspective that what they really want is a way to pretty up their image—to show off their efforts with women without really making a change. Companies that want to take advantage of the significant benefits of a balanced leadership team need to get the facts and track their progress: How many women are actually being advanced as a result of their leadership development and recruitment efforts?
Leadership development programs that ostensibly prepare women for leadership roles without ever putting them into those roles merely raise the self-image of the companies that offer them—not the women themselves.
In employee networking groups, women must have opportunities to network with powerful leaders who can help them advance—not just other women or lower level leaders with good ideas but little influence.
Companies with more women in leadership have been shown to outperform their competition by more than a third.
If companies don’t hold themselves accountable, the public will, as talented women choose to work elsewhere and consumers choose to work with companies that reflect a diverse and changing world. Going beyond the debate on why programs succeed or fail, I’d like to share some bold ways to implement effective leadership development programs. The project taps into aspects of the business she is most excited about, has the direct support of a top executive, and enables her to make strong contributions with minimal demands on her time. These “volunteer” leaders at all levels created so much infectious engagement that numerous local action teams cropped up across regions and special projects received unprecedented contributions. The experience feels utterly different to the developing leaders and delivers results that the business requires. They are proactively enlisting co-workers to collaborate on making immediate improvements to the production line.
An essential agent of the change is the deep integration of their leadership development programs with “real work” so that they can feel like they are one in the same.  Cultivating the kinds of vibrant organizational contexts described above can create a level of receptivity, infectious action, and proactive “pull” that fundamentally redefine on-the-job application of leadership development skills and insights.
As varied as these programs can be, each one focuses on the personal and professional development of each employee.

General Electric has several different leadership programs in almost every function of the company, including engineering, manufacturing, IT, HR, and finance. According to Stephen Uram, the most important part is having a diverse set of experiences you can draw upon during the application process, and understanding how to adapt and market your skills to new situations and new industries. A strong representation of women leads to improved organizational health, global competitive advantage, responsiveness to stakeholders, and a better public image. A focus on results will ensure companies’ efforts to promote women are not just a trend, but a transformation. It deployed proactive invitations to help, multiple peer-driven projects for participants to choose from, and a drum-beat of communication that continuously fueled action. One project, sparked organically by the transformation, engaged more than 100 volunteers to clean the company’s customer database, driving the success of a critical SAP conversion. The LDP at General Electric is built around a rotation program – depending on the program, an employee can complete 3-4 rotations in two years.
For example, “With the [TJX] Merchandising Program, you join a large organization with lots of people who are in the same stage of life. She strategizes with business leaders to enhance their performance and maximize business results. The consistent “pull” of energized colleagues, cross-organizational focus of the work, and executive exposure all directly evoked specific skills that participants just learned.
According to Erica Wotzak of GE, LDPs are crucial for building well-rounded leadership: “We find a lot of value in allowing people to see different parts of the company. Her clients include presidents, vice presidents, and C-level executives in Fortune 500 companies such as Microsoft, Google, and Adobe. Equipped with skills, direct experience applying them, and evidence of their impact, participants are ever-ready for change and consistently prompted to stretch their capacity as leaders. Our Leadership Development will give you the opportunity to explore who you are as a leader as well as what kinds of things leaders are called upon to do. Learning is experiential in nature with in introduction to the concept followed by application.
The teachers are experts in their fields and are able to bring real world application to each topic covered. I highly recommend the Leadership Development Program for anyone who wants to increase their understanding and expertise within the Leadership field.

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