A leader also works at the border of the group – sometimes in a session, I take over the leadership position -, also at the edge of the group, but more-often looking to the outside.
I would label the tension as playing between king and magician (archetypes, not real cabbages and kings). Always talk with the client about the resistance towards the facilitator (or consultant, or project manager).
Corporate governance requires answering two fundamental needs: design a coherent strategy with the evolution of the environment to ensure the survival of the company and organize a coordinated way for people to achieve organization’s objectives.
There are different approaches to define the characteristics of the leader and the leadership role. This project has been funded with support from the European Commission under the Lifelong Learning Program.
Leadership Surveys are used to benchmark our leadership and team performance against other Gulf employers, International Oil Companies and Globally recognized high performing companies. Leadership – by taking accountability for decisions made, and supporting others to see things through.
Learning – by constantly improving business, technical and emotional skills, as well as promoting positive, two way coaching and feedback.
She or he is usually invited to support a group in solving a problem, reaching a desired goal or clarify a situation. Modern management styles more participative and the need to develop teamwork, make the figure of the leader as critical to reach organizations objectives.

In this context, Covey distinguishes in the management function, between the figure of the manager and the leader.
Its adaptability is determined largely by their technical level competence and professional experience.
In this sense, Blake and Mouton defined two key variables explaining the behavior of the leaders -his interest in people and his interest in tasks or results-, which let us talk of five leadership styles. Bennis base leadership on the personal charisma and individual ethics, noting that leaders get others to engage with them in pursuit of their dreams.
This publication [communication] reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein. As we’re dealing with the paradoxes of engaging, the most important part is the intake. When you do your work, love working with groups, groups will support you in becoming conscious of your inadequacies.
While the manager organizes resources to achieve the objectives set, the leader goes beyond and stands in the person that inspires and pull, the one whom everyone follows because it inspires confidence and enthusiasm.
These two variables define the degree of working knowledge of the leader, and knowledge is linked to the authority. Bennis also say that leaders should have natural special conditions -"Leadership is like beauty, no one can define it, but when someone see it, it is recognized"- which can reinforce through their personal, their behavior and attitude. Thus, the prospective approach postulates that future leaders will be visionary and humble, have a great ability to rally his followers and a marked readiness for dialogue and to share their ideas.

A facilitator tends to use images, metaphors, representations, role play, methods to evoke new meaning.
A facilitator can use the different leadership styles (see image) as tools for making connections. Facilitation means making connections between people within a group, while leadership means make connection between inside and outside. Once established as king, king may feel threatened by the powers of sage, his engagement with the common people, the ease of his traveling up and down. Both have to work with the paradoxical tensions from the paradoxes of Belonging: Identity, individuality, Involvement and Boundaries (please note that the latter word implies bond or connection again).
Overall, he or she will use the energy from inside, from within the group (green) to establish results.
The leader must be open, willing to share, to disclose to the facilitator what he or she fears or loves most. The other way around: a facilitator cannot say everything he or she hears while working with the group.

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