That the social care system is crumbling, and social class will heavily affect the life experience of the aged.
That individuals are underestimating their life expectancy and are likely to run out of money in old age.
That older people will suffer (and perhaps die) of different things: Where once the issue was heart and respiratory diseases, now it is likely to be illnesses of non-communication such as dementia.
Doesn’t the life and pension insurance industry have a part to play in almost all of this road map? Insurers need to continue the shift from being reactive to being proactive – and must share the benefits with policyholders.
Can insurers – on behalf of their policyholders, who are inevitably with them often for decades – influence issues related to home building and planning? The need for cooperation between the private and public sectors reinforces the need for empathy by both government and private insurers toward each other, perhaps with tacit agreement that they (we) are all in this together. As the average age of workers increases, and some seek an alternative to watching TV or just trying to make ends meet, I wonder whether there is propensity for more workplace accidents.
And, of course, how do we make life and pension insurance attractive to those starting their work life?

Don’t insurers need to communicate better, engage differently, think more about the changing demographic footprint and generally step up the pace? After all, having a “connected bedpan” as part of the Internet of Things might be useful for some – but don’t we need to be bolder than that in our thinking? Woodstock, VA – November 14, 2011 – Sigma Sigma Sigma National Sorority (“Tri Sigma”) announces the Labyrinth Leadership Experience, the capstone experience for members of Tri Sigma. Tri Sigma members, at all ages and life-stages have the unique opportunity to spend five days in reflection, exploring the five core values of Tri Sigma within the context of character-based leadership. The development of Tri Sigmas as Women of Character committed to ethical and values-based leadership is the cornerstone of the Women of Character Initiative, and The Labyrinth Leadership Experience is the most recent leadership program developed under the Initiative. Applications to participate in The Labyrinth Leadership Program are due February 15th, 2012.
The number and type of homes built should be increasingly appropriate for our aging society.
Government should make progress in facilitating greater risk sharing in accumulation of retirement income.
Our aspirations for retirement must be about much more than us spending more hours watching television.

Stakeholder buy-in through effective communication and enlightenment is critical – and it is increasingly becoming urgent. I wonder how I would react if I really thought that my life and pension insurer was representing my interest to a point that it was lobbying about this type of stuff on my behalf?
All the innovation seems to be going into P & C insurance, but we can’t allow that to suck the energy from life and pension.
The Labyrinth Leadership Experience has been designed for a key group of initial participants that reflect all facets of our organization, i.e. The first is the birthplace of our country’s leadership, the Nation’s Capital, Washington, D.C. The second location will be the home of Tri Sigma, the Mabel Lee Walton National Memorial  Headquarters, in Woodstock, Virginia. Each participant will explore the ideas, choices, relationships and experiences that can shape her as a transformational leader, and how Tri Sigma values support and encourage our women to change the world.

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