The Leadership Program combines instruction and hands-on experience which spans the Junior, Middle and Senior Schools.
The Mentorship Program and Peer Tutoring Program are just two ways that girls may be of service to their fellow students. Middle School students are encouraged to build on their leadership capabilities initiated in the Junior School by participating in student government and a wide range of special-interest clubs.
There are a wide range of student-run groups and activities providing leadership opportunities for students in a vast array of interests.
Airman Leadership School, and check out Airman Leadership School on Wikipedia, Youtube, Google News, Google Books, and Twitter on Digplanet. Airman Leadership School (ALS) is a six-week-long United States Air Force program designed to develop Airmen into effective front-line supervisors. Senior airmen with 36 months time in service or those with a promotion line number for Staff sergeant. Noncommissioned Officer Development Ribbon - Mandatory award and wear upon successful completion of ALS.
John Levitow Award - The highest award presented at Airman Leadership School, it is the pinnacle of success in ALS and Enlisted PME. Commandant Leadership Award - Presented to the student who has displayed all the characteristics of an effective leader, but is not based at all on academic standings.
Distinguished Graduate Award - Presented to the next (10% of graduates) person with the highest overall average in all graded areas, and demonstrated a high level of leadership skills.
Academic Achievement Award - Presented to the student with highest overall average on all academic evaluations.
Upon completion of ALS, the graduate receives the ability to write performance reports on subordinates.[1].

Airman Leadership School covers Combat Leader, Military Professional, Supervisor of Airmen, verbal and written communication, and group dynamics. From organizing our School-wide Spirit Week to helping a new student find her classroom on the first day of school, our girls are encouraged to lead – and learn about leading – within and beyond the School’s walls.
Leadership education is based on the 5 Practices of Exemplary Leaders identified by Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner, experts in the field, who have been working together for more than 30 years studying leaders, researching leadership, conducting leadership development seminars, and serving as leaders themselves in various capacities.
Classroom curriculum, student leadership conferences, topic-specific workshops, leadership retreats and trips, and local, national, and international service projects are all components of a student’s leadership development at SCS. Student mentoring begins in Grade 4, election of Junior House Heads begins in Grade 5, and the Grade 6 curriculum includes a formal leadership component.
Components of our leadership framework are addressed early on in the Character Education program. Volunteers and elected representatives help lead community work, the School’s EcoTeam and organize special events.
Student Council, made up of representatives from Grades 7–12, is led by four students elected from the graduating class. Clement’s, students will have received formal leadership training and multiple opportunities to put that training into practice—learning by leading.
It is the first professional military education (PME) that enlisted Air Force members encounter.[1] ALS focuses on developing leadership abilities, the profession of arms, and building effective communication.
The member must also have at least six months of retainability from the projected class graduation date before being enrolled.
The Levitow award is presented to the student that demonstrated the most outstanding leadership and scholastic qualities. Two students from each flight in the class are selected by their peers and must meet with the Commandant.

This allows the graduate the ability to supervise regardless if he or she currently holds the rank of Staff Sergeant. Many leadership roles allow students to have impact far beyond the walls of SCS, including student leadership conferences, topic-specific workshops, and community and international service projects. Structured leadership opportunities begin as early as Grade 4 where students have the opportunity to mentor younger students as a reading buddy. Middle School students also serve as School ambassadors, and you will meet some of these young leaders when you tour SCS. Other elected leaders—Head Girl, Sports Captain, House Captain, Arts Captain, Prefects, and House Heads—work to inspire school spirit and lead initiatives. Selection for the Levitow award is based on academic performance and assignment of points by peers and instructors (although it is unclear what weight each category carries in determining winner).
Other early leadership opportunities are the Mentorship and Peer Tutoring programs, where girls in Grade 6 can become tutors. In her graduating year each student will hold a formal leadership role so that she can practise and refine her leadership capabilities.
This award is unique when considering the peer points, instructor points and board scores needed.
The program sets the groundwork to help girls recognize that leadership can be a collaborative experience.

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