As I listened to Chris Smeaton, a superintendent from up north, speak last week on visionary leadership, it was impossible to keep up with the stream of his gems of greatness. The director of the Hunger Games, Gary Ross,  said that one of the most important things he does as a director is to sit alone, at his desk, for hours, before he begins and writes out everysinglething he can about the movie. All decisions have to flow out of a single vision that you had alone, calm, without the questions, doubts or negativity that can surround you.
Is your vision as an administrator so clear to your staff that they are able to conduct their classrooms in a manner that embodies that vision? As I continue to learn and grow, I see even more how I (someday) want my campus to be a product of my preparation instead of the preparation being a product of the campus.
I appreciate your sharing about the director of the Hunger Games and how it comes back to HIS vision instead of the other staff’s decision. And I believe many admin are letting that happen — because they are unwilling to chat with their teachers. I wondered about something similar–how does this vision connect with a vision of shared governance? About this siteThis blog is the shared thoughts of school administrators that want to share best practices in education. Dream Leader is a game, book and workshop that offers a better way for teens to learn how to lead themselves and others. The philosophy of the Dream Leader products is: You can lead your expectations, your actions and your dreams a€“ for life. To learn the self-leadership skills that raise personal expectations for a positive future.
This product series a€“ a book, workshop and interactive board game a€“ is aimed at solving a problem for millions of 13-18 year olds who dona€™t learn self-leadership skills formally and dona€™t interact with others who use these skills. The Dream Leader board game is developed by Jill Esplin and interactive learning designer Sue Baechler of OriginalitiA®.
The game is designed to be played in about 50 minutes (a class period) to set up, play and debrief the experience. You can play faster if you have played before, or you can take more time if you have it, and conversations go longer.

One game box has six ready-to-use game packs (for six groups of six players), a teacher set-up and debrief, and 144 scenario cards (84 are unique) for multiple play and continued learning. Dream Leader provides a safe and fun forum for teens to think and talk about topics that matter to them - their interests and their futures.A  The game is engineered so that each student has their own experience and personal learning a€“ while the group forms a team of peers around each othera€™s interests.
Also get a monthly e-zine 'Stories for EL' free for stories that you can use to emphasise experiential learning. The series is focusing on what school leadership looks like in the context of today’s world and how innovative leaders are pushing their schools and organizations forward.
If you are content with the status quo and are content with just going through the day to day mechanics of a campus, you’re a manager, not a leader. From staging to angles to directions…he writes it all out the way he wants to see it happen.
Inevitability, those answers that should be based on logistics default to what’s practical.
I say staff because top to bottom, that’s how visible and impacting your vision should be.
I don’t want to adapt and adjust to the tone, but instead be the one who shapes and defines it. I know on our campus we have teachers who strongly believe in large amounts of daily homework. These teens enter adulthood with less capability for self-reliance and creative contribution, resulting in lower expectations, jobs that waste their talents and lives that contribute less to society.
The book is for young people who want to discover their passions and lead a life that fits their interests and dreams.
Like the book, the gamea€™s self-leadership content includes self-belief, direct communication, getting past fears, choosing kindness, teaming up with peers and mentors, making and achieving goals, changing thinking, self-pride, failing to succeed and building yourself up. This game is self-facilitated and can be played multiple times, with a unique experience each time. From the cafeteria workers to the janitor to the office staff to the students and teachers…everyone should know and be able to base their actions on your vision. Vision is one those hot button words that comes up when one discusses leadership, but this week really defined it as one of the most important things a leader needs to do.

It features stories of 22 teen and adult leaders who demonstrate with actions and consequences the behaviors of self-leadership for life. The game accomplishes what many educators say they cana€™t: Engages any group of teens a€“ peers or strangers a€“ in relevant conversations that build teams around their dreams. I do think that people are more on board when they feel a part of the purpose, but I also think it’s important for the leader to set the vision. He talks about how on the set in the heat of the moment questions are asked that you may be tempted to answer based on practicality.
While students may feel feel ownership when helping create a set of class rules, a teacher would still guide them to what they had in mind.
They are great tools to use in debriefs of training games and learning games, to drive home a crucial point. Fill in the form below and subscribe to the free e-zine. Another example from our campus is that my principal does not believe in students missing recess as a punishment.
It is a non-negotiable that no matter what the situation is, they know that isn’t an option because he believes kids should have time to be kids throughout the day.
The task is to lead their blind partners to any two objects in the room and help them identify the objects. The blindfolded participants are very unsure of themselves and yet are willing to be led. 9.
Among those who can see, some will barge towards the closest blind person, grab them by the arm and start to lead them along, forgetting that they cannot speak. Some others are sensitive and communicate through touching the elbow or the knee to nudge their blind partners around obstacles. 11. The blindfolded partners in this training game easily identify two objects and are led to their seats and their blindfolds removed.

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