The first cohort of Fellows in 2013 focused on topics including evaluation systems, teacher retention, and in particular, career pathways.
GO's Teacher Policy Fellowship is a yearlong, stipended opportunity for a small cohort of current Oakland teachers to Learn, Think, and Lead about the future of education.
By Alfredo Mathew III and Caitlin HealeyAlfredo Mathew III and Caitlin Healey are GO Teacher Policy Fellows. We believe that our public schools will not improve dramatically and drive next-generation learning without a substantially different vision for teacher leadership. Students from Callanan and Harding middle schools in Des Moines and Waukee and South middle schools in Waukee gather for a unique 7th grade Leadership Academy, co-sponsored by Drake University. Waukee Community School District and Des Moines Public Schools joined together with Drake University’s Robert D. The team of 42 students from Waukee Middle, South Middle and Des Moines’ Callanan and Harding middle schools were chosen mostly through teacher recommendations.
Thirteen-year-old Jordan Bohn-Wright, of Callanan Middle School, said the biggest challenge at her school is too much chaos in the hallway ending in horseplay. Despite common leadership skills and school challenges, the students from the city and the suburb are learning about the differences between them, too. We have strong professional relationships across the alliance, based on mutual trust and respect.
Our priority is to identify alliance-wide requirements, whilst at the same time being responsive to the needs of individual schools. Working with our strategic partners, the Faculty of Education and the Eastern Leadership Centre, we aim to increase the number of teachers studying for Masters degrees and to support and deliver a range of accredited NCTL programmes. They developed an initial set of recommendations for Oakland to develop career pathways for teachers to take on increasing leadership roles without leaving the classroom. The other teacher leaders I've met have expanded my professional and personal network tenfold.
From a wide range of applicants, we selected 14 excellent teachers - men and women from a range of backgrounds and experience who teach at both district and charter schools.To get to know each of the fellows better, and understand where they came from, we assigned the fellows the task of profiling one another. This month saw the students return with ideas for improvement in their own schools, following meetings with students and administrators at their home schools. Harding Principal Joy Lindquist led a tour of Harding classrooms, telling the future leaders to note how the students and classrooms were alike and different from their home schools. Ours is an aspirational vision for the outcomes of all our children and young people, underpinned by shared responsibility and ownership. Check out the official description for the 2015-16 Teacher Policy Fellowship.Want to recommend a teacher? Fellows presented their recommendations in over a dozen meetings with leaders from the district, union, charter school organizations, and others. In 2004, while in his first year at San Lorenzo High School, Ashanti created The Ever Forward Club, to attempt to decrease the number of young men of color who were failing classes.
The idea was to collaborate with their new leadership academy friends and come up with a plan to solve their home school’s challenges – from using social media appropriately to disruptive students. Our CPD and leadership development programmes are delivered by outstanding practitioners across our alliance.
Please fill out this referral form.GO's Teacher Policy Fellowship is a year-long opportunity for a small cohort of Oakland teachers to Learn, Think, and Lead about the future of education. Read more here.Most of us can agree that good teaching is the most important ingredient in creating the perfect recipe for an effective school. In 2005, Ashanti served as the AVID coordinator and teacher as well as the Link Crew co-leader. We believe that students will be better served if teachers have opportunities to influence education policy at the local level. It gave me an opportunity to learn from other teachers and people passionate about making Oakland schools the best they can be.
In 2008, Ashanti worked as a math specialist at Saint Mark's School in San Rafael, and in 2010 he returned to Oakland's ARISE High School to lead the math department, part of a team that helped double the CAHSEE passage rate for 10th graders. In total, we have more than 94 years of classroom experience at all grade levels, including special education.

While living in Oakland, Caitlin fell in love with the vistas provided by the geography of the Bay Area.
We come from a variety of backgrounds (with a range of educational experiences and training) such as AVID, Restorative Justice, technology and Beginning Teacher Support and Assistance coaching. While many Northern Californians enjoy hiking and biking along the mountain ridges with beautiful views, Caitlin would often rather just drive her car to the top of the mountain and get the same view with considerably less work.After spending some time in Oakland, she signed up for the Oakland Teaching Fellows. At USF, Reina helped students organize and petition the student council for a Multicultural Programming Board to bring more diversity to university life. I've also gained inspiration by working as a team of driven educators that walk the social justice talk we all hope our students learn how to do.
She believes that although the program cannot provide what traditional education programs provide in terms of preparation, it at least encourages them to remain teachers for a long time. She was an advocate for survivors of domestic violence for 10 years before becoming an elementary and middle school teacher. And now that she has committed herself to teaching special education, she never knows what to expect. We will be researching solutions to common challenges; such as how to retain effective teachers in needy schools. Reina received her multiple subject credential and Master's in Science with an option in Educational Technology Leadership from Cal State University, East Bay. At first it's overwhelming with all the tasks you're doing for the first time, but when you stay at a school you're spending less time doing those things. Some days are great, others are tough, and some - when all of her students end up sitting on the floor at the same time - are pretty weird and obscure. Currently, she is a Technology teacher for students K-5 and co-teacher of the 6th grade Engineering and Technology Project Lead the Way class at Lazear Charter Academy in Jingletown. But on every school day, Caitlin wants what's best for her young students with special needs, and genuinely seems like just the right person to educate such a unique and eclectic group of young people. With higher rates of turnover in lower-income schools, students who need the most support are often taught by the teachers newest to the profession.
As a result, high teacher turnover creates instability in schools.Schools are supposed to be the most stable, safe and caring institutions for young people in our city.
After six happy years teaching high school English in Detroit and Oakland, Christi found her niche in middle school, and now teaches at United for Success Academy in Fruitvale.
Christi earned both her bachelor's degree (2001, English) and master's degree (2007, Public Health) from the University of Michigan. Over the next few months, we'll begin to define the problem of teacher retention in demanding schools. Our cohort of 14 accomplished educators will not only be reaching out to our networks to explore teacher effectiveness, career pathways, and policy solutions to these challenges, but they will also reach out so that great teachers have the professional resources and support to remain working in Oakland. Julio has taught 11th and 12th grade English, along with technology and journalism elective classes. Julio is currently part of the school's Leadership Team, and Parents and Families Committee.
Our goal is to support a more stable and effective public school system so that Oakland students can truly thrive. This year, Lindsey teaches 1st grade at Berkley Maynard Academy (BMA), an Aspire charter school, in Oakland. Over the past two years, she has become involved on multiple levels with the reform of teacher evaluative programs, serving as a TCRP advisory panel member, pilot teacher, and TCRP Peer Certified Observer. Lindsey graduated from Occidental College with a major in Sociology and a double minor in Education and Spanish. Her senior thesis outlined the ways in which indigenous communities in Oaxaca, Mexico were using alternative schooling methods to preserve their marginalized culture. Damon has been working at Oakland Unity High School, a small public charter school in East Oakland, for the past five years. During that time, she has taught English to 9th, 11th, and 12th graders, and served as an advisor to the class of 2011 and the class of 2015. Damon recently received her National Board Certification for teaching English to Adolescents and Young Adults.

She also runs the school's library, mentors new teachers, and coaches varsity volleyball and basketball at the school. A 2009 graduate of Mount Holyoke College, Caitlin studied English and anthropology, focusing her ethnographic work around community perceptions of horizontal hostility. While in college, she was elected commencement speaker and worked as the publisher of the campus newspaper. Caitlin came to teaching through the Oakland Teaching Fellows Program in 2011 and was placed in her current position at Howard.
She teaches a Special Day Class (SH-SDC) for students in kindergarten-second grade who are diagnosed with autism. In her time at LWL, Mara has also held roles on the Instructional Leadership Team, School Site Committee, Faculty Council, and as the union representative, among others.
Mara has strong local roots, as she grew up in Berkeley and spent a lot of time in Oakland as a child.
She graduated with honors from UCLA, and while there she developed her organizing skills as a member of the Social Justice Alliance. She also gained policy experience post-college, working for the Office of AIDS Programs and Policy of Los Angeles County.
Last year, Suneal worked with teachers and students across the Bay Area to gather thousands of signatures for a ballot initiative to lower the costs of education at public universities in California.
Though the initiative fell short of the ballot, the movement got extensive statewide and national media coverage. Through his relationship with the Stanford Teacher Education Program, he spearheaded a partnership between the university and Life Academy, and has taken on three student teachers from their program.
This year, he is working on earning a National Boards Certification to reflect upon, and improve, his teaching practice.Rachel KorschunRachel is the Resource Specialist at Coliseum College Prep Academy (CCPA), a 6-12 small school in East Oakland. Rachel joined OUSD in the fall of 2009 through Teach for America as a Special Day Class (SDC) teacher. After two years in the SDC classroom, Rachel took over the Resource Specialist position to reorganize her school's special education program. At CCPA, Rachel serves as the team lead for implementing Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports (PBIS) and the special education Professional Learning Community Lead. In addition Rachel supports Restorative Justice work and reading intervention through the Achieve3000 program and is a Special Education Beginning Teacher Support and Assessment (BTSA) coach. In her fourth year teaching, Rachel received recognition through OUSD's "Honoring Our Own" program as the exemplary Region 3 high school teacher. In 2002 he helped found Mott Haven Village Preparatory High School, a redesigned school in South Bronx. He earned Teacher of the Year honors at Mott Haven, and the New York Post recognized him as one of New York's best teachers in 2002. He has experience in school reform efforts at both site and district levels, leading initiatives to improve student outcomes through technology and project-based learning.
Francisco was one of the founding teachers at Encompass Academy, which opened in 2004 in East Oakland. He has developed curriculum for ELLs, published articles, and led professional developments on technology integration and the use of data to drive instruction.
As cofounder of sleek-geek, an educational app startup, he is currently developing iPad games, reading assessment and instruction tools for elementary schools. She is the chair of Skyline's English Department, a representative on the school's Faculty Council, and a member of OUSD's ELA Teacher Leader Cadre. From 2005-2007, Lisa worked as the Communications Associate at Preschool California, a non-profit, advocacy organization in Oakland. That experience drove her to pursue a Master's in Public Policy at the University of Michigan's Ford School, and a graduate school summer internship in the communications department of DC Public School's Central Office. Jacob moved to Oakland in 2009 after graduating from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with a degree in Political Science.

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