Lead IUPUI defines leadership as a values-based process toward the goal of positive change. In addition to our leadership definition, there are several leadership learning outcomes associated with Lead IUPUI’s program. In order to measure our the success of our programs and better understand what students are gaining as a result of participating in our programs, Lead IUPUI creates an assessment plan. The Master of Science in Organizational Leadership program strives to create and maintain an environment in which you will not only increase your understanding of leadership and leaders, but demonstrate enhanced conceptual knowledge and track your own leadership development. You will explore many elements of the nature and importance of leadership by examining, for example, historical data, research findings and varied interdisciplinary academic concepts within the study of leadership (metacognition from psychology, for example). You will learn how a leader can inspire and maintain followers through exploration of case studies (applied research) from the past and present, online discussion of questions and activities (and assignments), and your work on your Leadership Development Portfolio (LDP). Freedom Rides is a five-year-long running social justice immersion trip sponsored by the Office of Student Involvement that takes place annually over Spring Break. Participants will be required to attend two pre-trip meetings and the entire Spring Break trip. This event is sponsored by Lead IUPUI and Social Justice Education in the Office of Student Involvement.
Graduates understand the symbiotic and reflexive relationship between theory and practice and how to apply the outcomes of systematic research. Graduates are able to bridge theory and practice by developing plans and translating them into active professional practice. Graduates speak and write articulately about complex concepts and present problems as opportunities for growth, in both formal and informal professional contexts.
Graduates are able to reflect critically on their own actions and practices, to identify strengths and opportunities for growth, and to model and foster continuing professional development.
ETS recognizes the challenges that institutions are facing — the mounting pressure for accountability, the increasing need for robust measures of student learning outcomes and the necessity to assess growing numbers of students in all types of learning environments. ETS is leading the way with innovative student learning outcomes assessments designed to assist you in meeting the challenges of the changing higher education landscape. The HEIghten™ Outcomes Assessment Suite is a collection of groundbreaking, research-based assessments that measure general education learning in specific areas like critical thinking, written communication and quantitative literacy.

These modular assessments include skill areas that are aligned with national and international frameworks, the latest research, the needs of higher education institutions and new education policies. The ETS® Proficiency Profile and ETS® Major Field Tests — Enhanced with flexible new testing options! The ETS® Proficiency Profile and ETS® Major Field Tests are trusted student learning outcomes assessments that help you evaluate teaching and learning, and provide the reliable data you need for accreditation and accountability initiatives. Sponsored by ETS and developed by Inside Higher Ed, this webinar and compilation of articles describe some recent efforts to promote accountability to different internal and external stakeholders.
Most experts in higher education believe that Americans would benefit from more people trained in the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Sponsored by ETS and developed by Inside Higher Ed, this webinar and compilation of articles discuss the difficulties of defining "critical thinking" with precision — and how colleges seek to promote and measure critical-thinking skills.
Check out the following documents to find out more about the goals of Lead IUPUI and what students are learning as a result of our programs! Mich Kabay, Program Director for the Master of Science in Information Assurance program, and noted expert in information security, will host his annual InfoSec Year in Review on June 4-5 in Marina del Rey, California. Peter Stephenson, expert in digital forensics and computer investigations, and Associate Program Director for the Master of Science in Information Assurance program, will host A Master Class in End-to-End-Digital Investigation on May 31, in Denver, Colorado.
The curriculum is built around three primary learning areas which build upon each other as outlined in the diagram below.
These questions are answered through the study of leadership (leadership styles — transformational or transactional leadership, for example) and the study of leaders throughout history (and the present day). It is an evaluative narrative that serves as both an academic "tool box" and a reflective narrative. This year, Freedom Rides participants will travel to Cincinnati and Chicago over five days (March 14th-18th) where they will engage in individual and group leadership development, connect and serve with community partners, and explore how the history of Civil Rights in the Midwest impacts social justice work today. Now, more than ever, it is critical that institutions are able to demonstrate that their students are developing the essential skills needed for success. Our assessments can help you measure student performance, demonstrate learning and program effectiveness and improve curriculum and support accreditation. The convenient, computer-delivered suite allows you to select assessments that measure specific skills, so you can tailor you assessment plan based on your institution’s unique goals.

The assessment provides the student outcomes data you need to benchmark your performance and support accreditation efforts in a fast, easy-to-administer format. The tests provide benchmarking data so you can compare your program's effectiveness to programs at similar institutions nationwide, and remain competitive in today’s challenging market. Sponsored by ETS and developed by Inside Higher Ed, this webinar and compilation of articles explore different strategies used by faculty members and institutions, and efforts to track their success.
In addition, all of the learning outcomes are connected to IUPUI’s Principles of Undergraduate Learning. Self-evaluation will also provide additional insight as you reflect on the the behaviors, attitudes, attributes and character of a variety of leaders. The outcome of each seminar will be visible in the evaluative content of your portfolio which will show the process of internalizing the course content as you progress through each seminar. With new products and enhancements from ETS, you’ll find an assessment that suits your institution’s unique needs. The HEIghten Outcomes Assessment Suite adds depth to your internal assessments by benchmarking performance against comparable data sets, and provides detailed feedback in key cognitive and noncognitive skill areas.
You can administer the 40-minute abbreviated test or the two-hour standard assessment using proctored on-campus, proctored off-campus and, now, remote nonproctored delivery methods. ETS Major Field Tests are administered in a proctored environment using either the paper-and-pencil or the online version, and are now offered in a new proctored off-campus administration. You will reflect upon your own capacity to lead (self-examination, reflection and comparison) as well. You can apply the seminar theory, ideas and questions in a concrete framework and benefit from the Instructor's comments as they provide an ongoing, one-on-one, dynamic, interactive and challenging narrative relating course content to your role at work.

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