Leadership, Learning, and Life are the three facets of who we are as individuals, as we learn and grow, work and play, take on leadership responsibilities, and live a full life with others.
The foundations of CCL’s work is built on applying the social sciences where the notion that who we are as leaders, how we go about learning, how we lead our lives outside of work, what we value, etc. Over the years of our leadership development work at CCL, we often heard stories from participants of how not only did they feel more capable managers and have better relationships in their workplace but also that their friends and family were commenting positively on the positive changes they had witnessed in the participant. It is not necessary to pose a framing question so that it addresses Leadership, Learning or Life. This study provides further evidence of the direct relationship between strong educational leadership and school conditions, as well as the indirect relationship between strong educational leadership and student learning. As we began our work five years ago, we argued that leadership is second only to classroom instruction among all school-related factors that contribute to what students learn at school. The project’s aim was to identify and explore the various kinds of leadership in schools and districts that are needed to improve student learning.
Adequate analysis of leadership must identify all relevant sources of educational leadership, examine actual leadership practices, and distinguish among the effects of school, district and state level leadership on student learning. Leadership is second only to classroom instruction among all school-related factors that contribute to what students learn in school.

Leaders who strike a balance between stability and change emphasize two priorities in the direction they provide and the influence they exercise; they work to develop and support people to do their best, and they work to redesign their organization to improve effectiveness. Expectations and accountability represent a key element of effective leadership enacted at the state, district, school and classroom levels. Efficacy and support are essential to moving from the desire to change to changes in behaviour; greater efficacy leads to effective leadership practices. Engagement and stakeholder influences allow successful leaders to make wide-reaching connections.
District leadership is important in bringing these elements together and supporting the actions described by these concepts. Each Wisdom Explorer™ quote has been selected to represent the wisdom of one or more of these facets.
During the delivery of leadership development programs, we often heard participants confess that they have just learned something about themselves from their co-workers that their life partner has been telling them for years.
Indeed the coding on the cards is subtle to discourage seeking out cards based on just one domain. This project examined other contributors to effective leadership practices in the schools by including participants at the school, community and district level.

These concepts are a precursor to the conditions required for effective leadership to develop.
Higher performing schools solicit more input and engagement from a wider variety of stakeholders. CCL research demonstrates that activities that take place outside of the regular workday contribute to a leader’s effectiveness as a manager.
That a quote from one of the three domains can become valid in another is often a fascinating piece of data that may lead to further insights. A wider definition of leadership was explored by identifying and examining three types of leadership and their effects on student learning: collective, shared and distributed. A concept underlying CCL’s Leadership Development Program® is that if we can help managers lead happier and productive lives, they in turn will help others lead happier and productive lives (from a conversation between Bob Dorn, designer of the program and David Magellan Horth). In the late 1990’s, CCL made this link more explicit and recognized the participants insights by absorbing the conceptual trilogy: “Leadership Learning and Life” into its brand.

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