There’s a scene where Oogway is dropping some knowledge (as a kung fu master is wont to do). The second trap leaders can fall into is looking to the future for new challenges or development opportunities for their people. The dude was talking about how we move through life and, more importantly, how we can show up as leaders. We do so by providing high quality instruction, training and coaching to managers, executives, and employees with a focus on filling critical job-related skill gaps.
By placing disproportionate emphasis and importance on those events, a leader is living in the past and may miss opportunities to positively impact the future.

We can dream of big things for our people and obsess about ways to get them those chances to grow.
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Others are cursed by one or two past mistakes and they are written off despite the potential they might have for future greatness (see the Buying Damaged Goods post for more thoughts on this point). If you as a leader can get involved with your team on a daily basis and focus solely on the outcomes of those daily interactions, the cumulative effect of such efforts will deliver a bright future and will write a history you can be proud of. The biggest and most pleasant surprise though was Master Oogway the turtle (or is it tortoise?

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