Once the British defeated Napoleon in 1814 they immediately fortified their forces in the fight against the U.S. Alas, the British set fire to the White House and the Capitol Building; both of which burned nearly to the ground.
As president, Thomas Jefferson had taken a vigorous interest in the library, suggesting books for the collection and appointing the first librarian.10 After the fire, Jefferson offered to sell his personal collection (more than double the collection of Congress) to start a new library. In his twilight years, Jefferson turned his mind to posterity and the importance of ensuring the survival of liberty and the rights of man, through education.
Those early debates were not merely between men and women roiling from the injustices and tyranny of King George III. What made America great and what will ensure her greatness in the future, is the extent to which she remains grounded in the wisdom of time, rooted in enduring principles and the unrelenting lessons learned from the past.
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While experimentation is certainly a cornerstone in science, these conversations also allowed me to remind others of another valuable skill we can glean from science – that of learning about observation.The act of observation requires that we look beyond ourselves and what we know, to identify and discover ideas, insights, and lessons that we can learn from those around us and from the surrounding environment. You'll be added to our monthly Veritas Leadership Lessons ezine, where you'll learn from the wisdom and insights of the legends of political leadership. On the contrary, it makes you a better one because it shows your focus is on those you lead and what you can do to help them succeed, as opposed to simply being focused on your own glory.As Dr. And the sharper those around you, the sharper you will become.”Lesson #3 – “Irreproducible results can be blessings in disguise” One of the key cornerstones of science is that whatever results you achieve needs to be reproducible by others to demonstrate the validity of your statement or finding.
Everyone who worked on these teams understandably felt a sense of ownership in their efforts and brought their full selves to team discussions of what different protocols or tactics we could use to duplicate or improve our current results.Likewise, your employees are not simply cogs in the organizational wheel, but should be treated as collaborators with a shared interest in your collective efforts. Watson describes how in his pursuit of discovering the DNA structure, he was met with resistance from several people in the scientific community who believed that he didn’t have the right experience or knowledge to unravel this mystery.
And in particular, of being mindful of the actions and efforts of those we serve, and how they can inform us about what matters both to our employees and to our organization’s ability to succeed and thrive.

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