In just a few semesters, you can prove your passion for special education, library media, or instructional technology with an Ed.S. The EdS-SPED degree is designed to meet the needs of teachers certified in Special Education who have completed a master's degree in special education. We are experienced at designing and facilitating Leadership and Management Development Programmes that contribute in a meaningful way to the success of organisations. Our aim is to integrate the programmes so that they make a significant contribution to the development of our clienta€™s organisations and positively influence the culture.
The mission of the Goizueta BBA Program is to help our students grow, intellectually, personally and professionally so that they feel enabled, empowered and motivated to make significant positive contributions to the organizations they serve and to society as a whole.
S.) degree program is designed to prepare teacher leaders who are instrumental in the creation and implementation of instructional policies and practices that ensure that all students can and do learn.

The program consists of a minimum of 27 graduate credit hours, including an Exit Examiniation and Research Project. The goal of the BBA Leadership Development programming is to enhance student self awareness and cultivate each student's personal leadership abilities.
Program coursework and field experiences expand and deepen graduates’ theoretical and pedagogical knowledge and enable graduates to understand and apply innovative, emerging research on developments in Early Childhood Education.
Students who do not have a master's degree in special education may qualify for entrance to the program through the completion of four 3-credit hour courses.
The Goizueta Leadership Competency Model guides the program in identifying the specific competencies that BBA students most need to achieve these objectives.
In this program, candidates will be required to read, write, and research the major topics in Special Education.

Candidates enroll in 15 hours of 7000 and 8000 level special education Content Specialization courses, and 12 hours of special education research. Most of the required courses include a designated artifact that is utilized as part of the assessment plan for each candidate. During the initial advising session, a projected sequence of courses is developed for each student. Any changes in the projected sequence need to be determined jointly between student and advisor in order for the student to be able to complete the program in a timely manner.

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