As CEO of Ringier Axel Springer Media AG Mark Dekan is presiding the Ringier Axel Springer Leadership Team.
Jovan Protic has worked in the company since 2005 and worked until 2014 as Chief Digital Officer of Ringier Axel Springer Serbia. Milan Dubec is founder, co-shareholder and CEO of the leading Slovakian online portal Azet, in which Ringier Axel Springer Slovakia holds the majority since 2010. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.
INTERVIEW - Ahead of next month’s Lean Management Conference in Poland, Professor Tomasz Koch, President of the Lean Enterprise Institute Polska, offers us a preview of the event. Planet Lean: Professor Koch, this year’s Lean Management Conference will be held in Wroclaw on June 10-12 – what can attendees expect from the conference? Kaizen events will be the subject of two plenary sessions, two breakout learning sessions and one workshop held by Mark Hamel, author of “Kaizen Event Fieldbook: Foundation, Framework, and Standard Work for Effective Events”. And then we have lean leadership, which will be the main focus of two breakout sessions, one for senior executives and led by Prof. A vital part of each of our conferences, the case study session will provide attendees with the opportunity to learn from 10 organizations (operating in several industries), including GKN Driveline, Harris Calorific International, TE Connectivity, Lear Corporation, KGHM Polska Mied?, LG Display, Oriflame Products Poland, Shell Business Service Center, WNS Global Services, and Royal Bank of Scotland. Two industrial tours are also offered to attendees who decide to stay for the third optional conference day: one visit is at Toyota Motor Manufacturing Poland and Electrolux, the second at General Motors Manufacturing Poland.
PL: How has lean evolved in Poland in the past 14 years and what is the state of lean today? Today, thousands of companies from all manufacturing sectors as well as a number of service industries (like banking and shared services) are trying to learn and embrace lean thinking. TK:The structure of this year’s Lean Management Conference is the same we had in the past two years, which works well with participants, but the content and speakers are of course different. In the past 14 years we have experimented a lot with the conference structure, content and type of speakers, and with the different ways to engage attendees. Tomasz Koch is president and co-founder of Lean Enterprise Institute Polska, created in 2006 with the main purpose of disseminating the principles and practices of lean in Polish organizations and of developing lean managers.

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Mozesz okreslic warunki przechowywania lub dostepu do plikow cookies w Twojej przegladarce. In addition in February 2016 he became COO of Ringier Axel Springer Media AG and member of the Ringier Axel Springer Leadership Team with focus on Video and Data. Since 2012 he works in various group-roles, such as Deputy CDO of the group and later and until today as Group Director Publishing.
József Bayer has founded and directed the activities of Axel Springer SE in Hungary since 1989. In In addition to that in February 2014 he has been appointed General Manager of Ringier Axel Springer Slovakia. For example, during his plenary talk Michael Balle will try to answer the question, ‘What transformation do we seek?’ Mark Reich will share his experience at Toyota and at the Lean Enterprise Institute, explaining the Lean Transformation Model designed by LEI during one of breakout learning sessions. Lean is present in the curricula offered by all the major technology and economics universities, and there are about 25 lean events in the country each year. From a content perspective, over the years the focus has moved from lean tools and methods to lean business system, which mirrors the evolution of the lean movement in the country and around the world. Prior to starting the institute, Tomasz created the Lean Manufacturing Program at Wroclaw University of Technology, in 1999.He is still teaching Management and Production Engineering students (BSc and MSc) at the Mechanical Engineering Faculty of the Wroclaw University of Technology. Prior to joining Ringier Axel Springer Media AG, he was since 2008 Manager of the Finance and Services Division at Axel Springer SE and prior worked in various in senior financial positions. Since 2015 he is in addition also COO of ONET-RAS Polska Group and member of the Group Executive Board.
In February 2016 he became in addition member of the Ringier Axel Springer Leadership Team with focus on transactional and classifieds.
Mark Hamel will look at lean transformations from a kaizen perspective, while Stephen Parry will talk about engaging managers and employees in a transformation. Mark Reich will provide an in-depth analysis of the topic during a one-day workshop called “Introduction to Lean Leadership for Senior Executives”.

In June 2000, I organized the first Lean Manufacturing Conference at the Wroclaw University of Technology – it was the only lean-related event in Poland at the time. The most valuable ones, however, must be those I learn every day with my team at LEI Polska: while applying lean thinking and practice to run the institute, I have had the chance to understand the importance of going to the gemba, to be able to fully grasp the nature of the work, and of the “learning by doing” approach.
Even if the application of lean techniques, like for example one-piece flow manufacturing cell, is still the main focus of certain sessions at the conference, today the social aspects of a transformation are recognized for their critical importance.
He is an author or co-author of over 100 scientific papers and articles and successfully supervised 13 PhDs.
Since February 2016 he was appointed as well member of the Ringier Axel Springer Leadership Team with Focus on Digital Publishing. In February 2016 he was appointed as well member of the Ringier Axel Springer Leadership Team with focus on Print Publishing. Tomasz holds a MSc in Applied Mathematics from Wroclaw University of Technology, a PhD from the same university and DSc from Technical University of Krakow, both in Mechanical Engineering, and the title of professor. He has international teaching and research experience at the University of Stuttgart, Brunel University in London, and at the Central Connecticut State University. József Bayer has started his career in media at the Hungarian Television, where he became commercial director general by the age of 33. 1204 z pozniejszymi zmianami) w celu prawidlowego swiadczenia uslug okreslonych w Regulaminie oraz Polityce Ochrony Prywatnosci. Wyrazam rowniez zgode na nieodplatne przetwarzanie danych osobowych, w tym nieodplatne wykorzystanie wizerunku w rozumieniu art. 631 z pozniejszymi zmianami) umieszczonego w Profilu w celach statystycznych oraz dzialan marketingowych prowadzonych przez Serwis lub za jego pomoca. Oswiadczam, ze poinformowano mnie o przyslugujacym mi prawie dostepu do tresci moich danych oraz ich poprawiania i ze wszelkie dane osobowe zostaly przekazane przeze mnie dobrowolnie.

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