Our programs run according to the Australian Meat Industry Council Food Safety Program, to ensure you learn skills and theory in line with industry expectations and requirements.
This trade qualification – Certificate II ,III in Meat Processing (Retail Butcher) is recognised Australia-wide by independent retailers and supermarkets.
We already know that not everyone loves more open formats; a recent study suggests that such setups tend to have differing effects by gender as well.
The researchers analyzed the psychological impact of different office layouts on workers and found differing dynamics by gender. Our vocational courses give you the opportunity to combine on site industry and classroom-based training. The program will teach you about work practices in retail meat enterprises in relation to health, safety, hygiene, quality and productivity.

For many, such office designs are a welcome change from the drab cubicle farms pioneered in the ’70s and still found in many office buildings today. For instance, they observed that women were more likely to report having conflict with their colleagues while working in a combi-office. You will also learn how to prepare, package and merchandise a range of meat products including primal and specialist cuts. Once you have gained this trade qualification, you will have an opportunity to progress to management positions and add leadership skills to your qualifications.

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