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I decided to see if we could use marketing automation to measure our Thought Leadership program.
An effort like this may seem overwhelming to many marketers, who like us, are inundated with the Uber List of things to do, have small teams, and who are racing from meeting to meeting. What may appear like a big undertaking can be manageable with the right set of tools and creative implementation.  I believe this year I can measure my programs and make the right changes to optimize the impact. To learn more about how Ingenuity Systems implemented a thought leadership metrics program, see the step-by-step instructions in Heidi’s presentation below.
Heidi is the Senior Marketing Director at Ingenuity Systems where she is responsible for corporate and product marketing.
Last January I (with moderately inexplicable timing) wrote about yellow jackets, the menacing wasps that seem to literally come out of the woodwork in late summer and early fall. I am not here to simply re-write a diatribe about how annoying they are, but I am here to report the, the ever-so-slight evolution in my reaction to them.
In January I talked about how I would basically become hysterical upon the appearance of the first yellow jacket; however,  this past weekend, I noticed that my hysteria has become somewhat tempered. I think that sometimes the more we allow the presence of what scares us the less scary it becomes. As I was thinking about this with the yellow jackets, I realized examples of this were happening all around me—the conversation I turned into a huge fight with a co-worker in my head turned out to be a productive and enjoyable brainstorm. So, while I think I’m still a long way off from sitting calmly on a park bench sharing my hot dog with a pack of hungry yellow jackets that I’m sure are put on this earth only to bring horror and harm to me, I think I’m a road to recognition that most things are only as scary as I let them be. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Join the growing list of global professionals who are becoming certified in the field of Leadership Development. Learn how to create a leadership development strategy using an OD approach to gain senior leader buy-in and support.
The topics include: Creating a business strategy for leadership development, Creating a Leadership Pipeline, Identifying High Potentials, Guidelines for Succession Planning, Selection Criteria, Assessments and Competencies, including Derailers, Development Planning, Calibration Meetings, Development Opportunities, and Identifying Metrics to Measure Results. You'll learn how to plan, design, and implement a program to support leaders to achieve greater success.
This LDCP programs focuses how to develop leaders to impact an organization’s bottom line.
Participants will be exposed to a blended approach to leadership development consisting of assessment instruments, structured experiences, coaching, simulation activities, and case studies.
The course was fantastic, extremely useful (I’m already utilizing the materials to start our leadership development framework). Garfinkle Executive Coaching has worked with more than a thousand coaching clients in twenty-five countries and has been recognized as one of the top 50 executive coaches in the U.S. Joel’s 17 years of experience in developing, producing and implementing executive coaching programs have proven valuable in knowing the top five factors to consider when creating a successful executive coaching program.
Joel’s coaching helped me identify and implement new strategies that allowed me to take my career to a new level.

Garfinkle Executive Coaching takes into account your organization, its culture and your specific work relationships. As you receive practical, real-time feedback and counsel from the executive coach, you will be able to identify specific behaviors that can be improved immediately. Note: When companies and organizations look for an executive leadership development program, they should make sure the coaching firm under consideration has a strong track record of delivering in all three areas described above. As a talent development specialist, Joel will help you advance your career quickly, create lasting change and experience long-term success.
The relationship you and your executive coach build together will help you understand your needs, values and belief systems, as well as help you gain a greater awareness of your strengths and limitations.
Success comes to those who know themselves – their strengths, their values and how they best perform. Drucker is right: to be a self-aware leader, you must know what you feel and think and be aware of how you act. When employees leverage self-awareness, they improve their performance by capitalizing on their strengths and minimizing the number of mistakes.
When you look closely at the specific, measurable results as well as the intangible benefits of our executive coaching program, you’ll easily be able to identify the value and return on your investment. Career Advancement BlogSign up to receive the blog via email and get a free tool that tracks your value to the organization.
Joel Inspirational Speaker Learn Why Joel Garfinkle is Sought-After Professional, Motivational and Keynote Speaker.
Previously, Jason was Senior Manager of Social Media at Marketo and focused on optimizing social for lead generation and driving revenue. When you subscribe to our email updates, you understand and agree that Marketo will send you email invites and updates, ranging from events, webinars, new content, and more, based on your settings. Last weekend I attended my first fall festival, and sure enough the yellow jackets did not disappoint—swarming at the first sight of a soft pretzel or a bottle of Fanta. I cannot proudly declare my indifference to them—yet—but at least I am moving to a saner place. Things in my head are almost always scarier than things in real life, so the avoidance of those things actually makes matters much worse, because even if I’m avoiding it I’m undoubtedly still thinking about it, and the thinking about it is much more dreadful than the experiencing. The certainty that I had somehow offended a family member turned out to be a situation that had nothing to do with me. If you are responsible for implementing leadership development programs, this online certification program will benefit you. It took the info I had and put it in order while filling in the blanks of things I was missing.
The activities at the end of each chapter were perfect to thoroughly understand the theory… and they made me think a lot!!! As an executive coach, Joel has extensive first-hand experience working with many of the world’s leading companies, including Oracle, Google, Amazon, Deloitte, The Ritz-Carlton, Gap and Starbucks.
Joel provides valuable guidance and perspective and his passion is evident in every session. You’ll learn what motivates and inspires you and become more honest about what you are capable of achieving.

Through coaching you will learn to be in touch with your needs, values, belief systems, emotional and intellectual intelligence, strengths and limitations. Self-aware employees develop excellent decision-making abilities as a direct result of their self-knowledge. As an executive coach with two decades of experience, Joel makes sure that an outcome-based action plan is created and followed. She discusses thought leadership and how she developed a successful campaign to overcome the challenge of accurately measuring her thought leadership efforts. He is a regular contributor to leading marketing blogs such as Social Media Examiner, Social Media Today, and Marketing Profs. Well, okay, I still swatted madly in their general direction and demanded that my children eat their food while walking rather than sitting still. I further noticed that I even allowed a few yellow jackets to hang around us without trying to shoo them away.
The coaching partnership provides a solid context to make changes and implement developmental goals. Lack of strong internal sponsorship by top management, key stakeholders, human resources and the executive’s immediate boss is the number one reason why coaching programs fail. The value and bottom line impact of the coaching program will be clearly seen in an extremely quick time frame. He starts by ensuring the client is fully committed to the coaching process and dedicated to taking the necessary time required to create success. I still refused to let my daughter get a snow cone, knowing that the sugary sweetness would simply attract more of those dreaded flying tormentors. When one landed on my daughter’s shirt I gently moved it away with the wave of my hand, where in the past I would have picked her up and hurled her in another direction, most certainly guaranteeing that one of us would be stung.   So, progress.
I really appreciated the stories and actual events that were shared, the amount of help that was offered and given and the overall group cohesiveness!
I strongly recommend your courses to my colleagues.----Senior Organizational Development Specialist.
Having the boss support coaching by being actively involved throughout the process is critical. You’ll be truthful and honest about who you are and what you can do — your capabilities, performance and potential.
When obstacles or roadblocks appear, Joel will work with you to take concrete and positive steps forward. In addition, senior management needs to actively advocate for the program and its importance.
All the players need to notice and express the progress, successes and continued improvement directly to the coaching participant.

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