The PSC Community Based Leadership Development Program (CBLDP) is co-curricular educational experience that support students regardless if they hold formal or informal leadership positions that have strong interests in community services, engagement, change and justice. CBLDP utilizes service-learning approach as guiding principle to enhance and reinforce academic learning with practical experiences.  Both co-curricular and community based experiences inform each other to your leadership practices and your role as a social change agent. For the Synopsis of the much sought-after Series of CEE Leadership Development Programs Certified by International Professional Managers (IPMA UK), please visit here.

The objectives are to build upon students’ leadership knowledge and experience as they learn from their peers and local community collaborators.  Each candidate is required to attend all seminars and training provided by the Program and to be involved with local community organizations for at least a year and a half to receive the recognition. The program is based off of the book, The Student Leadership Challenge, and works to incorporate the 5 practices of the worlds best leaders: (1) the ability to model the way for others, (2) the ability to inspire a shared vision, (3) the ability challenge the process, (4) the ability to enable others to act, (5) and lastly, the ability to encourage the hearts of those around them.

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