At Dvorak School of Excellence we are committed to creating a safe environment where teaching and learning are the first priority, and all students are prepared for success in college and beyond. It is my pleasure to serve the North Lawndale community as the principal of Dvorak School of Excellence. We will ensure that all students have an opportunity to receive a high quality education by engaging them in a rigorous and relevant curriculum using differentiated instructional practices that support all students’ ability to achieve at high levels. I believe that at the heart of a healthy school culture is an adult commitment to model the skills, behaviors and qualities we seek to cultivate in our students.

Our goal is to deepen student understanding and build critical thinking skills across all content areas. We strive to help students become more self-disciplined and learn effective work habits that will lead to personal and academic excellence. We are equally committed to the social and emotional development of our students and will partner with parents and community members to ensure we meet the needs of the whole child. I am committed to partnering with the community to create an environment where all stakeholders feel welcomed, respected, and connected to restoring Dvorak to its stature as a pillar of the North Lawndale community.

We envision a day where all graduates of Dvorak School of Excellence are distinguished, dedicated and determined leaders in our community.

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