His achievements include being the top medical student and the "most scholarly resident” with the most awards nationally during his residency at Harvard. Managers or supervisors who have been promoted from within are usually not given the tools and training they need in order to succeed in their new role.
Peak performance in leadership and communications is relatively simple if you have the right tools.
NEW DIRECTIONS IN LEADERSHIP is a unique opportunity for experienced and novice leaders alike to expand beyond their current parameters, rising to an entirely new level of leadership. Ultimately, no matter what industry you’re involved in, you are in the BREAKTHROUGH business! As I've traveled through-out North America conducting creativity workshops, I am stunned by that fact - that a majority of our employed do not believe they are creative, let alone have a tangible process by which to tap and access it. One final point of interest – in a survey done by the IBM Leadership Institute regarding essential leadership competencies, 1000 surveyed CEO’s indicated that creative thinking was the more important competency moving into the next few years! This session is not about "talking about creativity", but is about having the attendees experience it! A 40-year-old Californian with a moderate income will pay between nothing and $219 a month for a basic health insurance plan next year under President Barack Obama's health care reform law, a state agency announced Thursday.
Covered California, the authority in charge of the state's health insurance exchange, has released details about what the health insurance market for individuals who don't get coverage at work will look like next year.
The results of Covered California's negotiations with health insurance companies belie predictions of massive premium increases under the law, at least for products that offer a range of benefits similar to those currently sold to small businesses.
The average cost of a standard health insurance plan sold on the health insurance exchange will range from $304 to $321 a month in the Golden State next year, Covered California announced. Health insurance companies and political opponents of the health care reform law repeatedly have cautioned that its benefit mandates and limitations on industry practices like excluding sick people and charging higher rates to women and older people would dramatically raise premiums.
Prices could be higher for individuals who currently buy skimpier coverage than will be permitted under Obamacare in the individual market.
Tax credit subsidies may offset premium increases for those who earn less than four times the federal poverty level, or $25,960 for a single person this year.
Starting next year, 5.3 million Californians who don't receive health benefits from their jobs will be eligible to buy health insurance from the exchange marketplace, according to Covered California. California's leading health insurance companies, including Kaiser Permanente, WellPoint subsidiary Anthem Blue Cross, Health Net, and Blue Shield of California will participate in the exchange.
Among those who can purchase health insurance via Covered California, 2.6 million will qualify for financial assistance because they have incomes ranging from 133 percent of the federal poverty level, which is $15,282 for a single person this year, to four times the poverty level.
Covered California estimates that 46 percent of those eligible to shop on the health insurance exchange will be Latino, 33 percent will be white, 14 percent will be Asian and 4 percent will be African-American. Under Obama's health care law, four grades of health insurance will be available on the state-based exchanges. In practice, that means a 40-year-old Californian can choose among a variety of levels of coverage at a range in price.

One of the most important, and least certain, goals of health care reform is to attract younger and healthier people into the health insurance market. Unsubsidized catastrophic health insurance will cost an average of $136 to $168 a month for a 21-year-old next year, according to Covered California. Peter Bensen, McDonald's chief financial officer, said on a conference call last year that Obamacare will cost the company and its franchisees $140 million to $420 million per year. Pillay’s Life Unlocked: Seven Revolutionary Lessons to Overcome Fear won the prestigious "Books for a Better Life Award” in the Motivational Book category and was nominated by Men’s Health as one of the top 5 health books of the year. Pillay has formed numerous partnerships – with Robert Hanig from The Society for Organizational Learning, John Assaraf from PraxisNow and Oren Klaff (author of Pitch Anything)- and is developing an unparalleled pipeline of products that will offer insights from the best in organizational development coupled with brain science. They need to know how to communicate with different personalities, resolve conflict among team members, and coach employees to success, all while managing deadlines and projects. This video presents a simple, yet powerful, tool to help you succeed at a high level in leadership and communication. Based upon 30 years of research and experience, Robert's "nutrient-rich" ideas and original approaches to leadership can breathe new life into your organization, and encourage participants to become more confident about who they are and what they can give to others.
In all, 13 health insurance companies will sell products on the exchange, and premiums will range from 2 percent more to 29 percent less than what comparable plans cost this year, the agency said.
The state is tied for the fourth-highest percentage of residents without health insurance at 20 percent, census data show. Compared to existing plans with comparable benefits and factoring in available subsidies for low- and moderate-income people, prices like these represent either a small increase or a significant decrease in the monthly costs, the agency said. The law mandates that insurance covers things like prescription drugs and maternity care, which will tend to increase premiums.
Individuals who buy health coverage for themselves rather than get it through their employment represent just 5.6 percent of the state's current health insurance market, the California Association of Health Plans said in a press release Thursday. Several large national health insurance companies including UnitedHealth Group, Aetna and Cigna, won't sell products through Covered California. Those with lower incomes will gain access to California's Medicaid program, called Medi-Cal.
They are named after metals that signify the levels of coverage and premiums: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum.
This table from Covered California illustrates the average amount a consumer will pay, displayed in black, and the value of what the government will pay to insurers, in green. This segment of the population would pay premiums into the system but have fewer medical costs, and they are needed to balance the high health care costs of older, sicker people. That same customer could elect for a Bronze plan that, depending on her income, would cost between nothing and $185, or a Silver plan with monthly premiums that range from $44 to $230. He is also a certified master coach, Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, Invited Faculty at Harvard Business School and a brain-imaging researcher with more than 17 years of experience in the field.
Pillay’s approach to human capital development is to integrate his extensive understanding of human psychology with brain science and people development in business.

Also, in 2012, NBG will have several workshop products along with a cutting-edge hardware tool, designed to improve decision-making, tested at Harvard.
Bonnie Cox specializes in shifting the management mindset from individual contributor to organizational leader. Without simple tools we can use moment by moment we are destined to repeat our same limitations and mistakes. Because management teams can be "prisoners of old perspectives" that limit their vision of what is possible to achieve and change.
The state embraced health care reform soon after Obama signed the law in 2010 and is seen as a bellwether for whether the initiative can succeed.
In contrast, two health insurers in Oregon actually scaled back their proposed increases after seeing what their competitors planned. This is particularly important, since Obamacare forbids health insurance companies from rejecting people with preexisting conditions and restricts how much older customers can be charged.
With an active training and coaching practice, including entrepreneurs as well as executives from Fortune 500 companies, Dr. Pillay’s latest book Your Brain and Business: The Neuroscience of Great Leaders waspeer reviewed by the Wharton Business School and published by Financial Times Press.
With tools and techniques, like the one in this video, we can reach our greatest potential in leadership of ourselves and others. Companies work for years to shift perspectives of management and the workforce because they know that new perspectives bring "new solutions to old problems". People younger than 30 can opt for a bare-bones "catastrophic" plan, but cannot receive subsidies to offset its cost. Pillay has been invited to train and coach executives at numerous institutions including Lockheed Martin, The World Bank, Novartis and Genzyme, as well as world-class consulting companies.
2012 will see the release of two brand new NBG technologies: a technology to embed organizational agility as well as Burnout Mate – a system to measure and reduce burnout. His international engagements have been in Greece, England, Switzerland, India and France and he is fervently dedicated to enhancing the human capital of corporate entities in simple, easily understandable and effective ways.
Forbes online, New York Times, Business News Network, Greek Financial Times, Oprah radio), Dr. To this end he has developed "sustainable learning technologies” and assessment tools that allow corporations to embed these competencies in their organizations for life.
In 2012, he will release 5 illustrated books for children to help empower them using brain science.

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