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The people who work for Dan have opportunities to thrive and develop new talents while being supported, guided, and recognized.
Dan Maddux is a bold entrepreneur with a strong aesthetic sense, a flair for design, and a passion for creating memorable events. Dan grew up in Kansas City, Missouri, and left for New York City at age 16 with $200 in his pocket. Coming full circle, Dan applies his artistic passion to create all kinds of possibilities for theater, art, events and entertainment to interact with the business world.
Through Dan’s leadership, today’s APA has a publishing division, nationally acclaimed payroll-training centers in Las Vegas and San Antonio, and a government relation’s office in Washington, D.C. The APA now has more than 23,000 members, more than 150 local chapters, and a staff of nearly 100.

Dan divides his time among his residences in Las Vegas, San Antonio, New York City, and Paris. Choose well and your unforgettable event venue will give you the freedom and flexibility to move seamlessly between entertainment, information, and education.
He often taught  at the American Management Association and filled our home with books, magazines and tapes about various management topics.
For permission to use a Management Cartoon from my website, please contact me for more information and a budget-friendly rate quote. Throughout his career, he has created environments where people and business can thrive and grow.
In pursuit of an acting career, he entered the American Academy of Dramatic Arts where he explored art, interior design, and architecture. More than 21,000 payroll professionals participate in APA education programs and seminars every year. Dan’s speaking schedule takes him all over the United States, and he regularly addresses audiences in Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, and South Africa.

Department of the Treasury awarded him its prestigious Medal of Merit for his work on behalf of U.S. These three powerful words can only begin to describe the venues, events, and products brought to life by Dan Maddux.
You can showcase a product you carry or feature a variety of gemstones for that color-conscious customer. Upon graduation in 1982, Dan became the first employee of the newly formed American Payroll Association. As a leading expert in his field, Dan is frequently quoted in the news media on leadership, management, marketing, and event planning. Over the next 10 years he would rise through the ranks, ultimately becoming executive director.

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