Developing a better understanding of your thinking patterns, communication style, strengths and weaknesses can lead to greater effectiveness in the workplace.
The Polaris team is accredited in using a number of profiling tools and approaches to better understand executive thinking and behaviour, and experienced in helping leaders undergo the process and understand results. Call Polaris to discuss how effective use of profiling tools and techniques can enhance leadership capability in your organisation. You would be surprised at the #1 skill that we get asked to provide in our leadership development and team development programs.
Yes, we focus on how to build a culture of trust by remembering to be reliable, open & honest, competent and compassionate. But first, we focus on how to listen.  It is not something that is normally taught in school or college, but is something if done properly, will help us build strong teams every day.

Finally, after many years of learning and practise I become fluent in Spanish, start to think in Spanish and even dream in Spanish.
Suitable for developing your team or an individual, the MBTI is a self-report questionnaire designed to make Jung’s theory of psychological types understandable and useful in everyday life.
Belbin is a team-based personality test, designed to measure preference for nine potential team-based roles. The LSI is based on the idea that in order to understand what we do, we need to first identify the thoughts and feelings that motivate us. The LEA is a 360 degree feedback tool and performance enhancement system, based on the premise that in order for individuals to improve their leadership skills they must first understand what their needs are. It can be applied to virtually all learning scenarios but the example we will use here is learning a second language.

However, I am not yet fluent, I have to concentrate hard to get it right and am aware of my limitations. Speaking a foreign language becomes second nature to me and I no longer have to concentrate hard on the formation of the language.
This tool addresses underlying thinking patterns and self-perceptions, helping you to change the way you see yourself and others, for improved behaviour and effectiveness. The LEA process begins with an objective diagnosis of strengths and weaknesses, and provides feedback on developmental needs and strategies for improvement.

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