Eve Ash is globally one of the top trainers in the Leadership space, having created over 700 popular business training programs on leadership and communication, used by corporations, government and universities worldwide. Project Managers Create Power through Leadership SkillsBy Erin Palmer on January 28th, 2013 Most people who have been in project management for awhile know that it’s a demanding field. Effective leadership skills will allow you to make the most of the varied talents and skills on the project teams that you manage so that you can consistently deliver optimal results within budget and on time. In order to build an effective and efficient project team, project managers require strong interpersonal skills, including the ability to help people set aside differences and find common ground.
Project work can be difficult, particularly in today’s business environment where project teams may be expected to do more with less, team members may be filling multiple roles, and teams face pressure to deliver results sooner. Project managers with a combination of strong project management skills and the ability to successfully lead people are viewed as highly valuable resources in most organizations. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 United States License. Nurse leaders have risen to the management or executive level because they’ve had the ambition to advance their careers and leave the bedside. For nurse managers to be successful in today’s healthcare environment, it’s not enough to have clinical expertise – they must also develop essential business skills, like strategic planning, budget development, operations management, and organizational structure and policies.
It’s a different way of thinking, being accountable for organizational structures and aligning clinical goals with operational goals – and one for which you may not have been -fully prepared.  American Sentinel’s online MSN with a specialization in nursing management and organizational leadership is designed for experienced nurse professionals who seek to develop their leadership skills. Since infection prevention and control is fundamental in improving the safety and quality of patient care, the industry needs strong leaders in this area. As health care reforms begin to kick in, nurse case managers will need to keep up with new care models such as the accountable care organizations (ACOs) and should even take a leadership role in their development. For a nurse educator to make an impact on future and current generations of nurses, it’s not enough to have clinical expertise.
As the regulations regarding electronic medical records (EMRs) are phased in over the next several years, nurse informaticians will be called on to assume leadership roles in implementing new technologies.
We should develop our leadership quality to deal with tough situations and decisions in professional fields.
It explores best practices in leadership and specific skills and techniques for immediate application back at work. As a project manager, you need a diverse skill set to be successful, including the ability to identify and analyze goals, allocate resources, identify constraints, and manage work flow.  However, one of the most critical skills for you to have is leadership, particularly if you who want to distinguish yourself and advance your career.
Without adequate communication, team members often develop ideas and assumptions and reach conclusions on their own without the benefit of shared information, resulting in a lack of unified vision. Updating them on progress, as well as any roadblocks encountered, can help secure additional resources when needed, provide the team with key support, and get buy in from the right people to ensure the project’s success. While all project teams have members who have differing opinions, team members should share a common vision for the goals and outcome of the project. In order to achieve the project goals, you must be able to motivate teams to push forward, particularly during times of adversity or when the challenges seem impossible.  Without motivation, work quality and quantity generally suffers.

The decisions you make as a project manager often set your team’s course of action which ultimately determines the project’s outcome.
Every member on a project team needs a fundamental set of negotiation skills, but it’s most critical in the project manager role. Highly developed interpersonal and leadership skills, including the skills listed above, help project managers effectively manage any size project and increase their odds of successfully meeting project objectives on time and within budget. They have developed their expertise to the point that they can make decisions and provide guidance to staff nurses.
Managers must also acquire expertise that allows them to apply technology, information systems, and critical thinking to their jobs, while adapting leadership theory to their personal leadership style. Through case studies and hands-on course work, nurses examine the various human resource challenges facing an organization as well as the dynamic nature of the strategic planning and management processes. Interestingly enough, the role and responsibilities of today’s infection control specialist are radically different from the infection control practitioner of the past.
American Sentinel’s online MSN, case management specialization is designed for experienced nurse professionals who seek to develop their case management skills. Whether you’re pursuing an educator role within a clinical environment or a faculty position at a traditional nursing school, you’ll need to develop your expertise in curriculum development, various learning styles, distance learning technologies, and methods of evaluating curriculum effectiveness.
They will also play critical roles in the mission of making “meaningful use” of these electronic tools. The first step to understanding is to look at the characteristics of a great leader in project management.
In addition, team members may be unclear as to what their responsibilities are, deadlines for work assigned, and how their tasks impact the team and the project as a whole.
By letting the team get to know each other, team building helps team members come together to set goals and accomplish the project tasks. Teams often go through different stages in decision making and it’s common for conflict to occur as teams work through the process of developing solutions. Project managers must be able to barter not only with other team members, but also with those external to the project team. The more leadership skills you possess, the more valuable you become and the stronger your career prospects are. She writes about topics related to PMI certification programs and other various project management topics. This desire to improve and reach for a higher level of excellence is an intrinsic trait for a leadership quality. While the basic tenets of infection prevention remain the same, the expectations for the field have expanded greatly, due to today’s spotlight on eliminating hospital-acquired infections (HAIs).
The program focuses on understanding patient referrals, planning and delivery of care, evaluating patient results, and evaluating overall program effectiveness.
And you’ll need a strong vision to help nurses acquire non-clinical skills, like empathy, cross-cultural nursing, and critical thinking.

Nurses have always been concerned with outcomes and safety; now nursing leadership must incorporate these values into informatics as well as into clinical practice. We can't deny the importance of leadership skills in professional field especially in managers we need strong leadership skills. In addition to confusion, this may cause an inefficient use of resources, a lack of progress, and less than optimal solutions. Team building can have several other positive effects, including improving morale, communication, and productivity. You must be able to steer the group successfully through each stage and help the team make good, timely decisions. External negotiations can secure additional resources for the team, determine budget and scope, or remove obstacles to accomplishing the project vision. The Association for Professionals in Infection Control and Epidemiology (APIC) has outlined for a new strategic framework to help professionals meet these demands, including a set of professional competencies that will help practitioners in infection control chart a course for their professional development. It is ideal both for nurses who want to assume leadership roles in healthcare organization and those who want to start their own case management businesses. American Sentinel’s online MSN with a specialization in education is designed for experienced nurse professionals who seek to develop their skills as an educator. American Sentinel’s online MSN with a specialization in informatics is designed for experienced nurse professional who seek to develop their skills in healthcare information technology. Through which they are able to lead situations, make good decisions, manage problems in professional field and many more. Without good team dynamics, you’ll have a hard time delivering the results you need for success. Once a decision has been made, you should give it your full support and move on to other phases of the project, but keep an eye out for key points when new decisions need to be made.
American Sentinel has based its MSN, infection prevention and control specialization on these competencies. With an emphasis on both nursing education practice and healthcare theory and research, this program can provide you with the knowledge and skills necessary to share your nursing expertise in the educational setting of your choice. The program emphasizes the technology infrastructure necessary to improve practice while safeguarding the security and privacy of data.
It is designed to help infection control practitioners acquire an expanded skill set that includes epidemiology, data management, and data mining.

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