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This opportunity afforded to us by our leaders to build a plan for the future is allowing us to work with a group that has perfected their conceptualizing skills while allowing us to get a firm grip on the bigger picture of the agency and how it functions as a whole. Katz noted that the middle level position needed to have an equal balance of all three skills and I think that by making this commitment, our management is preparing us with the needed skills to run a successful agency. I think that one of the important concepts that relates to Katz is the building of leaders from the bottom up, allowing them to develop their technical and human skills and then working their way to the conceptual approaches to tasks or projects. I know the television show Undercover Boss is cheesy, but it highlights many times the disconnect between the top CEO and the employees.

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Leadership skills are highly sought after by employers as they involve dealing with employees so as to motivate and enthuse them and earn their respect. My divisional director was given the opportunity when he was a young biologist to be part of a strategic planning team that has helped structure our agency over the last 20 years.
If they were once in the field, they can relate far better than someone who has always been a high-ranking person in a company or agency. I think that it is important for the top executives to have an understanding of what is going on in the field.

Ideally a leader wants people to follow him because they trust and respect him and not because they are ordered to do so.
As he nears his retirement he wants to give the future leaders of the agency the tools to build and help guide the agency into the future. CEOs that master all three of the skill sets laid out by Katz set a good example in leadership.

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